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Sitting here thinking... Scary, I know
My friends have been planning this bash for TWO YEARS!! I had no idea.

Hey! I'm the sneaky one. I've been out sneaky'd! *weg*

I have awesome friends. Thank you for everything!

Sunday morning was a wee bit bitter-sweet. We took down the decorations, popped the balloons, and cleaned and packed up. Sat on the deck one last time, and enjoyed the morning. Ocean, birds and friends. Tried out the swing (it was a little low to the ground), but I loved it even though I couldn't fly high to the sky. Come to think of it, I might have gone over into the ravine instead. =)

I walked through a spider web so Sean didn't have to. ick. At least it was a small web.

Saw wee bunnies in the garden! Kawaii !!!

Had brunch at From Scratch. Corned beef for me. Tammy ordered a cheese blintz for the table which was also yummy. Joey had a slice of mud pie as part of his breakfast. T'was tasty - need to go back again.

Time to say farewell. *sniff* Rainy & Laura had a long drive back to LA, but they were detouring through Casa de Frutta and Northern Faire to pick up Laura's son.

The rest of us drove the 110 miles back to Alameda. I know Joey & I passed each other a few times up the freeway, but I didn't see Siller.

Finished the day with dinner at Acapulco. More friends! Roll call: Joey, Sean, Kev, Christopher, Tammy, Siller, Karen, Clary & Clint, Liz, Adrienne (I've know Adrienne since 3rd grade and hadn't seen her in 10 years!) and me! Joycie and Ron were supposed to come, but they got stuck in Stockton. Good food, lots of chatting and fabulous company.

After dinner, hugs and farewells. Then got Tammy, Kev & Christopher settled in at their hotel, Coral Reef (perhaps not the best place to go) and then back to my apt for more wine and yakking.
Me 2010

Carmel and the Mysterious Birthday Plot - Part 3

Yes, having floor to ceiling windows is wonderful - except when you're trying to sleep in =) T'was bright! I'm not even sure it was sunlight or just light...

Breakfast! Our chef prepared biscuits and sausage gravy! I got to watch the Iron Chef Tammy in action and I want to try making this breakfast myself. (though, I'll probably just go to Jim's instead). Lots of freshly ground Peet's French Roast coffee was consumed over the weekend courtesy of Kev. Tammy made lemon ginger scones too!!!!

Did I mention that there was a 24 pack of diet pepsi in the fridge?

More yakking and relaxing around the house. In fact, I went out on the deck and relaxed myself right into a nap.

We left the house around 2 and drove back into Carmel because there was yet another surprise awaiting me. Strippers! NOT. I was escorted by Tammy, Kev and Foxy to a building on San Carlos Street between 7th & 8th. T'was The Signature Day Spa. I was treated to a nice long deep tissue massage. OOOOoooo.... Yes, I was just a wee bit tight. My massage therapist, Zena, agreed with me big time. Thank you Siller, Tammy, Kev, Sean, Joey and swedishsis!!!!

Kev had gotten a massage also, so we were both marshmallows. While certain people went crazy in the wine shop and the yarn store, this marshmallow sat in the park with Tammy and chilled.

Next up, dinner at Bahama Billy's at the Barnyard. Got to taste different mojitos - yum! Sweet potato and french fries with habanero aioli and chutney. I had a spinach salad with strawberries and comfort food meat loaf and mashed potatoes and guava gravy and sauteed spinach. Definite YUM. Tammy and I indulged our inner pyromaniac and had their version of Bananas Foster. OOOH flames! Yum. I haven't had that dessert since Noah & I split it at the restaurant on the pier in Santa Barbara. The key lime pie was tasty too.

We all waddled out of the restaurant and went back to the house. Driving that windy, narrow road in the dark (no street lights!!!) was not my idea of fun.

Much silliness occurred - Apples to Apples with this group plus much wine? Oh dear *g*

I think we crashed a bit after midnight.

Edit 09-24-10 10:14am: Thank you also to Siller for the marshmallowy goodness!!!
Me 2010

Carmel and the Mysterious Birthday Plot - Part 1

Last week was just a wee bit crazy at work, so I was feeling very tired by Thursday. But there were good things in store. pezazul was flying in Thursday morning and he and herefox were going to take me to Carmel to a Bed & Breakfast for the weekend. I had to work, so K picked Kev up at the airport and dropped him off at my place. After work, Foxy met me up in Redwood City and we picked up Kev and then had dinner at India Palace. (I think there are leftovers in the fridge still)

Friday morning, Kev offered to drive. Due to some weird messages on a couple of my birthday cards and some odd statements from conversations, I had a feeling something was going on. So, in the back of my mind, I thought "are we really going to Carmel or is something else going to happen?" With Kev offering to drive, my little antennae went waggling, but when he didn't protest when I said I'd drive, the waggling stopped.

So, I drove down to Carmel. Parked at the bottom of the hill by the beach. After two dps, I was looking for the bathroom, but Kev said that the men's bathroom by the beach was really horrible and he'd prefer to use the one further up the hill by the library. Yes, the bathrooms are grotty and I was willing to walk up to the nicer ones. It's only 5 blocks to the downtown proper from the beach, but it's straight up. Either my calves cramp up or my asthma kicks in, so I monku about that HILL. At the top, we walk over to the bathroom and I immediately head over there and I notice that Kev is walking past the bathroom. I look at him and say "aren't you going to use the benjo?" He looks away and then heads to the bathroom.

I exit the bathroom and walk up to Kev and Sean and look at what they're looking at.


There by the street are: trektone, tammy_g, sillermoon and clsinstl! Looking innocent (NOT!) Much squeeing! I had thought if they were going to pull a surprise on me, it would be at home. I thought that nothing would happen that far away. I was WRONG =)
Me 2010

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Last Friday was supposed to be a relaxing type day. Instead, it turned into a bit of rush rush shopping frenzy.

Went to the post office to pick up a package - but the line was out the door and then some, so I decided to go back later.

Caught the 9:25am ferry to San Francisco and got off at the Ferry Building. Hit a few of the specialty shops and then walked to Pier 39 for more shopping. Picked up a paper Victorian foldout dollhouse for Alani. Alani is currently into the period - her American Doll, Samantha is about the same period.

Had lunch at the Pier Market - clam chowder and a crab louie. YUM! Had a window table, so I was able to watch the boats, the seals, the walruses and just people watch.

Walked down the wharf - stopped by the Barnes and Noble looking for the second Joshua Palmatier book (they didn't have it).

Caught the 1:30 ferry back. Short line at the post office, so I picked up my package. Picked up G's meds (joys of no insurance. NOT! OUCH! Merry Christmas Babykins...)

Went to Target, Dark Carnival (yay! they had Cracked Throne!), and picked up Zachary's pizza for dinner.

Picked up Sean at BART around 6:30.
Watched The Dark is Rising aka "The Seeker" aka this isn't how I remember the book???
I crashed shortly there after, but left Foxy re-reading the Dark is Rising...

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Came home, had a slice of pizza for dinner and was in bed by 7pm. Of course, I woke up after 1am and couldn't go back to sleep until close to 4:30am. Oh well...