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Family Vacation 2016 - Part III

Thursday, July 14th: Heat & humidity got me, so I ended up only running a bit over a mile, walking the rest.

Met up with cousins Darrin, Satomi, Joey, Scotty & Akemi at Dave and Busters for lunch and yakking. Darrin was still conscious, he'd just gotten off shift. Pokemon Go was a major discussion point for kidlets and their cousins. I played DDR for the first time in ages.

Had just enough time for a quick nap and a bit of shopping before meeting cousin Scotty for dinner at Gomen Ramen.

Friday, July 15th: Slept in. Brunch at IHOP. Then, drove over to LA Shoji's in Playa del Rey for the day. Hey! It didn't rain this year! Kyle & Aaron got in their annual tennis game. Alani ended up in the pool courtesy of London. Jam Session! Karen pulled out her fue (Japanese style flute), Aaron pulled out his trumpet and Aly pulled out her Dad's recorders. Luc pulled out his flute, but didn't play it. It needed a bit of cleaning which I did, and I think it needs a few new pads. I did play it and the recorders. fun!

Saturday, July 16th: On the road by 10am. Home by 5.
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Family Vacation 2016 - Part II


Monday, July 11th: Opened up the park and hit all the E ticket rides by 10. Space Mountain (now Hyperspace Mountain with Star Wars battle scenes), Star Tours, Pirates, Indiana Jones, Haunted Mansion and Runaway Railway. Splash Mountain was down both days we went.

Tony Roma's for lunch and a break until 5. There was definitely swimming and a nap.

Alani, still tired & sore from her week of Bike Camp, decided to rest in the room. We did CA Adventure for a bit, then Karen went back to the room. Kyle & I went back to Disneyland and closed out the park. Watched the Paint The Night Parade, some fireworks. Only a 20 minute wait for the Nemo ride. Space Mountain was down, we ended up going to Downtown Disney for dinner at La Brea Bakery. Kyle had a bread bowl of clam chowder - this seems to be one of his current favorites. Wandered around Downtown Disney (Kyle & his Pokemon Go - along with a gazillion other people playing)

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Family Vacation 2016 - Part I

Friday, July 8th, immediately after work (and work has been crazy the last few months), loaded up Eeyore II and took off for Los Angeles. T'was me, Karen, Kyle and Alani. Gayle was still recovering from her concussion. Traffic was bad until we cleared Livermore and then it was a straight drive down to Burbank. We stopped for dinner and soft serve ice cream (Karen & Kyle's favorite) at Fosters Freeze somewhere south of the 152 interchange. Checked into Hotel Amarano - Karen picked it because it is very close to Universal Studios. This was to be our home for two nights.

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In Memory of Asako Kimura (1925 -2016)

This past weekend, Karen, Alani, Kyle and I drove down to Gardena for Auntie Asako's memorial service. She was Mom's older sister - the 6th of 9 kids. Gayle had been planning on going, but she fell off a chair trying to fix a stuck blind and gave herself a concussion on Wednesday. Oy.

Growing up, she'd correct our grammar, our etiquette, etc, so we called her "Auntie Proper". I think this was a more Karen and Gayle thing. Half the time I called her "Auntie Oscar" - I don't know if I picked this up from my older cousins or not, can't remember.

It is her fault that we individually wrap marshmallow treats.

She was a very kind and caring woman. She'd "do" things for you, rather than say something to show you she cared - just quietly support you. Karen called her "The Observer". When Mom needed care, she was over all the time, keeping Mom company, making her favorite foods, showing her love. She was there with me when Mom died.

She had a smirk. It would come out when she observed her daughter having a disagreement with her own teenage daughter. Mostly it was "may your daughter be just like you" karma.

I miss her.

Obituary from LA Times 06-14-16
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Debbie Does See Jane Run

Since January 27th, I have been running, all be it, very, very slowly. My new nick name is Tortoise. Hopefully speed will come with practice.

Thanks to the Zombies to 5K Training Program, I successfully ran my first 5K race - See Jane Run. I had my personal best time for three miles of 47:42, in fact my first mile was 15:20. I have never gone that fast. I need to find a way to pace myself at the start - I started out way too fast for me to last 3.1 miles. So, even though I slowed down after the first bit, I still managed to run faster than I'd done.

After the half way point, the route loops back to the start. About two blocks back, I saw Joycie. By the time I got almost to the 3 mile point, Joycie had caught up with me, because she wanted us to get our "finish" photo together (she actually jogged a bit! I take about 3-4 steps to her one). Photo taken, she started passing me, and I couldn't have that, so I found a bit more energy and raced for the finish line. I won. She says she let me. Evil BFF. =)

It's been an interesting few months. The final week of training in March, I wiped out pretty good. The sidewalk attacked me! Really! I managed to skin both knees and my left forearm - the last time I had done that much damage I must have been in grade school? Two weeks later? I re-skinned my left knee and left forearm. Ugh. I think I'm going to have a pretty big scar on my arm as a souvenir.

I'm tired, but I'm feeling accomplished. Until this year, I had never run a mile let alone 3 (actually my personal best is 4.08 miles)

Joycie is now talking about walking the 1/2 marathon...

Edited 06-09-16:
Final time: 50:04 minutes. 16:09 pace
I placed 37th in my age group, 668th for my gender and 719th over all. =)

Joyce's final time was 50:22 minutes. 16:14 pace
38th in our age group, 673rd for gender and 724th over all
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Thinking of Dad on his 90th Birthday

Went to the chapel on Saturday. Added an orchid for Mom as it was Mother's Day, but didn't think about adding a rose for Dad's 90th. I usually add something special for the "decade" birthday. *sigh*
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Relay for Life - In Memory of Mom

As of 11:25pm tonight, I have finally managed to send out my annual "please support me" email for Relay. Relay is in 9 days, nothing like waiting until the very last second. *sigh* I did manage to post it on FB on Sunday.

Getting through Mom's birthday was harder than usual this year. Mother's Day is this Sunday and the barrage of ads for the holiday have really gotten me down. Plus, Auntie Asako (aka Auntie Oscar) passed away early last Tuesday morning (still haven't dealt with that yet) and the news that we will soon be losing Allen (bff Julie's husband) to cancer is just hard to handle. This week has been just really hard and I just want to crawl into my cave.

Today was our Cinco de Mayo Taco Salad Bar fundraiser. I was running around for almost 4 hours, so I am fried. We raised over $500! Last month's Ice Cream Social raised over $400 and we're doing a Bake Sale next week. I'll be making peanut butter blossoms and something else and Foxy has graciously "volunteered" to bake some cookies too.

The teens from TAB will not be spending the night again this year. There was a bit of a disconnect - the two guys who were supervising TAB transferred over to the Senior Center and the new guy just started in January. No time to build a relationship with da Teens. Maybe next year. I've got the night shift pretty much covered between me, Karen, Kyle and Sandy.

If you'd like to make a donation, click here to go to my donation page
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Debbie Does Zombies?

One of my goals for 2016 is to be able to "run" (aka jog - probably slowly) a 5K. The last few years, I've been walking See Jane Run 5K with Joycie, Laura & Noah. It's a Women's Half Marathon/5K/Kids Race. Last year, Ron walked with us, and as only Noah is shorter than I am (and he's usually riding in a stroller), I ended up jogging bits and pieces to keep up with them. They're all at least 6 inches taller than I am and I have a SHORT stride too!!!

I have been doing lots of walking these past three years. Most days I walk at least 3 miles.

So, I am on week 4 of the Zombies to 5K Training program. Not for me, just a simple, couch to 5K training program. No, I need the added incentive of running away from Zombies. Week 1 had me "running" intervals of 15 seconds. Weeee! Plus free runs of 5 minutes (choice of walking, running or both). In the beginning, I was mostly walking, then I graduated to running a block here and a block there.

Tonight, I managed a solid 15 minutes straight - through the rain, and puddles up to my ankles and did I mention the wind was blowing a lovely 18 mph (Grand to Westline and back to almost Kitty Hawk) I jogged just over a MILE!!!

This is an 8 week program and then I get to practice until June 5th...
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