Debbie (debmats) wrote,

World Con - September 4, 2004 - Day 3

A much later start on day three...

10am Reading Neil Gaiman
He read from "Nancy's boys" (??) Sounded interesting. Who knows? I may have to buy this one. Story of Fat Charley who had only been fat from 9 to 12?
11am Sweat & Blisters: How Much Reality Can We Stand in Fantasy Quests? Kage Baker, Glen Cook, Sean McMullen, Peter Morwood, Josepha Sherman, Andrew Wheeler
Guest of Honor Speech Terry Pratchett
Women Warriors Terry McGarry, Elizabeth Moon, Katya Reimann, Cecilia Tan
Fantasy of Manners Lois McMaster Bujold, Ellen Kushner, Madeleine E. Roberts, Jo Walton
Decisions... Went to the Fantasy of Manners panel.
Noon Rise of Paranormal Romance Catherine Asaro, Charlaine Harris, Sue Krinard, Sandra McDonald, Diane Turnshek
2pm Writing the Young Female Protagonist Anne Harris, Mindy Klasky, Louise Marley, Tamora Pierce, Mary H. Rosenbaum, E. Rose Sabin
2:30pm Concert Bill & Brenda Sutton
So I missed both these items, but I have no recollection of why I did. Siren call of the dealers' room?
3pm Vamps Ellen Daitlow, Charlaine Harris, Tanya Huff, Cecilia Tan
4pm Seduction of the Innocent? Janice M. Eisen, Laura Frankos, Beth Hilgartner, Louise Marley, Persis Thorndike
The Numinous in Science Fiction & Fantasy Lois McMaster Bujold, James MacDonald, James Morrow, Deborah Ross
Alien Genres Elizabeth Caldwell, Tanya Huff, Sue Krinard, Michelle Sagara West, Theresa Nielsen Hayden
Is SF "Respectable"? Bob Eggleton, Fred Lerner, Robert J. Sawyer, Karen Traviss, Pat York

Conflicts!!! The bane of cons. I went to Alien Genres. I got to meet Michelle Sagara West! This is also the panel where I'm pretty sure, I left my purse sitting on the chair in front of me.
5pm The Monster in the Maze Stephen Dedman, Neil Gaiman, Simon R. Greene, Yves Menard, Robert Sheckley
NG was running late, so the SG ended up opening up the panel with the comment "Even though I am wearing a black leather jacket, I am not NG. I am his father." I thought it very interesting to watch how NG made sure that everybody had a chance to talk - and if they hadn't made a comment in a bit, he'd bring them into the discussion. After this panel, we waited outside like groupies so that Tammy could get a picture of Stephen Dedman. While we were waiting, Joshua & Steve (?) came by and Alex got to meet SG.
10pm Concert Bill & Brenda Sutton
Hugos ran late, so the concert venue still had the giant screen showing it. Never did find them, though I did hit one of the filk rooms.

The problem with cons that last more than one day is that everything runs together and you can't remember what you did.

Ah yes, the lost purse. I didn't discover that I was missing my purse until after we had gotten back up to the room after the 5pm panel. Kev & I were planning on going to dinner at a seafood bistro across the street. Had called ahead and found out that they weren't taking reservations, but we'd have like a 45 minute wait. Alex decided to join us and Mat too, which is sort of strange as Mat's not a lover of seafood. Mat ended up going with Tammy, Michelle & Reesa to California Pizza Kitchen instead. We were getting ready to leave and I went to grab my purse and...

I freaked.

I thought I was freaking in a very calm way, though. I checked the room. Had Kev check the room. There were only so many places where I could have left it in the room. No purse. We went back to the convention center where I walked very quickly (kev's not sure he's ever seen me move that fast) to the last panel room and then the one before it. No purse. In the meantime, Alex had found out that the lost & found was back in the Sheraton, so off we went. Running through my mind was what did I have in the purse - money, credit cards, id, pictures. How was I going to get ID replaced between now and Monday when my plane left? Money, I wasn't too worried about, it was the ID that was making me crazy.

Got to lost & found (concom) and I sorta calmly said that I had lost my purse, it was very small, eagle creek, about this big and about this long...

Lady went to the back and pulled out an eagle creek purse which looked amazingly like MINE. My other thought was how could I prove who I was as my ID was in the purse. Well, I did have my name badge, but that didn't register until much later.

She opened it up and my eyes immediately locked onto the familiar picture of Alani & Kyle in the front display window. "My kiddies - that's Alani & Kyle!!!" I must have joyfully exclaimed, because she laughed. "I think we can be sure it's your purse".

I named the kids from several feet away.

Thank goodness for the honesty in fandom. Purse was perfect. Nothing missing. Big sigh of relief.

Kev, Alex & I went over to the restaurant and were told that there would be at least an hour wait. We had noticed that there were a few empty tables out front and asked about them. They said if we were willing to take our chances with the weather - it might rain - and if we also didn't care if we got wet as they had no open tables and we'd be stuck there - they'd seat us outside immediately. Cool! So there we sat. Weather was lovely. Have I mentioned that the three of us all prefer cold? Dinner was lovely - very yummy. I had paella so you know I was just in heaven. I also had my purse. More heaven. It was my birthday dinner. *grin* Carrot cake for dessert!!!

Speaking of cold, we did some room switching so that all of us people who prefered the cold were in one room and everybody else was in the other. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Ugh. Ren & Stimpy. Where did that come from?

Elaine called around 1:30am and wanted to know if I wanted to go filking. I really would have gone except that I had just changed into pajamas and just couldn't stand the thought of changing back.
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