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World Con - September 3, 2004 - Day 2

Egads, it was an EARLY start...

9am Reading Tamora Jones
Am intrigued with her 68 year old protagonist who can see dead people - but only those that have been murdered. Will need to buy it when it comes out.
10am Reading Carol Berg
Was very happy to find her newest book in the dealer's room. I don't think it was supposed to be out yet.
11:30am Reading P.C. Hodgell
Why didn't I go to this?? Maybe I needed a time out.
Noon Character Development for Everyone Susan de Guardiola, Sharon Lee, Bill Neville, Laura Resnick, Melissa Scott
Filk Oldies Singalong Lois Mangan
I think we went to lunch, so I missed both these items. Was this the day we went to California Pizza Kitchen??
2pm Reading Lois McMaster Bujold
The room was past SRO. I finally left - being squashed by people from behind, not my idea of fun. Damn.
3pm The Character of DeathP.C. Hodgell, Tanya Huff, Beth Meacham, James Morrow, Terry Pratchett
Reading Ellen Kushner
I Can Explain That! - the SF/Fantasy Challenge Catharine Asaro, Chris French, Jordin T. Kare, Robert A. Metzger, Issac Szpindel, Lawrence Watt-Evans

Conflicts!!! I only made it to the Death panel.
4pm Autographing Lois McMaster Bujold
Science & Song Jordin T. Kare, Kathleen Sloan
Movie Thunderbirds
tammy_g and I waited in line for LMB's signing at the NESFA table. I admired LMB's necklace. It was only later that I learned it contained all her Hugo/Nebula nominee pins!
5pm Autographing Neil Gaiman
Reading Tamora Pierce
Tammy & I got in line early around 4:25pm - and the line was already long. I think we made it with a dozen people to spare. He was very gracious.
5:30pm Reading Charlaine Harris
Still in line for Gaiman *grin*.

Sometime earlier in the day I had gone up the room and finally gotten to meet Tanya Huff before she & Alex had gone to lunch.

That's also when we magically got rid of one of the beds.

I think Thuy, Tammy, Kev & I ended up at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch.

Back to the rooms for last minute set up. One more trip to the store - needed ice. Thuy needed help in picking up sandwich trays for Liaden lounge party. We must have looked like a bunch of ducklings - I believe the conga line consisted of me, Alex, Kev, Joey, Adam, Tammy & Thuy. I don't remember seeing Mat. Reesa and Michelle were on their own trek to the store (found out about this later). Hmm... did Mat & Tammy end up staying in the room frosting cookies??? Had to put the mice together and put red frosting on the maple leaves.

Lights! Cameras! Action! Hot Liquid Magma Party opened up promptly at 8pm (though I think some people showed up early - like on Thursday...) and was packed all night long. Joey spent almost the entire evening running the bar. I think he needs an "Able Harris, Bartender" shirt.

Spent the evening between the two parties. Both were pretty much packed. Got to meet Myles O'Reilly, Kathy Robinson & Kathy Defranca (sp?) from the Liaden list. yay! Why is it that I can never remember what Stephe Pagel looks like?? Had to look at his name tag to figure out who he was *grin*.

Liaden Lounge finally got rid of all the plastic lizards. Mat got whapped when he threw one of the sticky lizards on the ceiling. Elaine did not want lizards raining down upon them again.

When only family was left at the HLMP, Alex and co-conspirators suprised me with a cake with a birthday Tigger candle (they looked for pooh & eeyore, but store was out - this was the trek that Reesa & Michelle had been on earlier) and a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday. *grin*
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