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World Con - September 2, 2004 - Day 1

Phone call? I think it was Thuy saying that she had arrived. It was around 8am???
Knock at the door a bit later - it was Thuy!!! *hugs* She & her mom had flown in on the red eye and were going to get breakfast and then crash. Got to briefly meet her mom.

Oy. Had the leftover carrot cake for breakfast. Sure sounded better than a muffin.

Did my first run through of the dealer's room. As I had forgotten to pack any of Neil Gaiman's books, I bought a new copy of Neverwhere (my favorite of his). I also picked up a copy of Coraline (pezazul said it was good) & a couple of the kids books that I don't have.

What did I do??? I figured it would be easier if I followed my program grid...

1pm How Does Magic Work? Susan Casper, P.C. Hodgell, Katherine Kurtz, Laurie J. Marks, Katya Reitmann, Brandon Sanderson
2pm Mind the Plot Holes Dear Grant Carrington, Sharon Lee, Louise Marley, Tamora Pierce, Connie Willis
3pm Fantasy ForensicsJim Butcher, Stephen Dedman, Tamora Jones, Lisa J. Steele
Jim Butcher looks much younger in person. Once I got home I realized that I had Stephen Dedman's The Art of Arrow Cutting. Was intrigued enough by what Tamora Jones said about her book that I went to her reading.
First conflict - Missed the Bill Roper concert.
4pm AutographingTamora Pierce
The only thing that was missing from program was where the autographing sessions were taking place.

Dealers' Room? Con Course? After wandering around for a bit, I finally asked Information. Got my Alana omnibus & Trickster's Queen signed.
4:30pm Reading Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Was late to the reading because of autographing debacle. It wasn't the tragedy it could have been as I had already heard this part of Crystal Soldier when Steve & Sharon had read it at Conduit.
5pm Dinner Break/Check out Shaw's grocery store Me, Alex
Went with Alex to the store to pick up last minute stuff for party. Shaw's has an excellent variety of ready-made food. Ended up getting wakame (seaweed salad) and palak, chicken vindaloo & rice for dinner. While I was trying to figure out what I wanted to eat a man came up to me and said "hi, how are you". "You don't remember me do you?" As I was giving him a "who are you" look, he then said "you went to BU?". "No, I didn't", I replied. "Hi, I'm Rudy". Oh joy. He wanted to give me his card, but I politely declined as I was only going to be in town for the Con.
6pm Cardboard Characters Sharon Lee, Chris Moriarty, Steve Saffel, Laura Underwood
Concert Kathleen Sloan
Reading Wen Spencer
Missed all 3 items. Shopping took longer than expected plus needed to eat dinner and wanted a time out.
7pm Concert Dave Weingart
Very happy me. Enjoyed the concert very much. Especially because filkerdave sang Tree & Dragon!!!
8:30pm Reading Jim Butcher
He read from his forthcoming (well, next year sometime. Wah!!!) book Dead Beat. WANT MORE!!! As
nobody came to kick us out, he read for almost an hour (and he reads very well). Then he opened up the floor for questions and then signed books. I just happened to have his first and last with me. *grin*

Sometime during the day, I met up with Thuy & Elaine. It had to be while we were all at our rooms (they were in 1207/1208) because we moved all the lounge stuff over to the lounge. Things are a blur. Elaine! *more hugs*. She gave me a cool jeweled lizard box. OOOH shiny! I think I'm going to put my liaden pins in there.

Went with Alex to pick up an_sceal & marigot at the airport - they got in on an 11pm flight. Never heard of Independence Airlines. We were smart this time and got directions from the bellhop. They have nicely printed up and very clear directions on how to get from the hotel to the airport. Gads, I hadn't seen Reesa since my first Heather concert - 1998????

Everybody except Mat crashed in 1205, so he came over yakked with me & kev. When I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, I sent Mat home. How much coffee had he drunk?? *grin* He usually falls asleep before me!

As it was way past midnight, Kev wished me a very happy birthday.
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