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Reminder - if you're going to go to World Con 2006 - (Los Angeles, but actually held in Anaheim across from Disneyland) - the $125 rate goes up after Sept. 12th!!!

You can lock in the this rate via the convoluted installment plan.

Eeyore II will be leaving Alameda probably two days before the Con as Debbie needs her Disneyland fix and trying to fit stuff in during the Con is nigh well impossible.

If I Were a Trek Captain... by Green_Jewel
My speciesRomulan
My first officeri_am_lono
My science officertealfox
My chief engineerherefox
My head of securityundinesprite
My random alien crewmember of diversitytammy_g
My worthy nemesissraun
My pastel-colored alien love interestpezazul
My missonTo get to the galactic corner store for milk.
The name of my shipThe Garbage Skow
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Tags: worldcon

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