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WorldCon - T Minus 1

Wednesday morning. Packed and out of the house by 9. Stopped by the Barnes & Noble on the way so that I could pick up a few books that I wanted to get signed. Thank goodness for mocha frap. Con hadn't started yet, and I already needed lots of caffeine. Slower trip up to Boston due to car being so overloaded plus construction.

After getting totally lost several times, we finally found the hotel. I checked us in while Alex took care of getting the car unpacked. Two cart loads full!!! Our rooms were ready, so we could tell the bellhop where all the stuff needed to go. Saw Steve & Sharon in the lobby - quick hellos - then Alex & I were off to the airport to pick up pezazul and tammy_g. Kev called just as we were heading out... oops, we were running behind. He just wanted to know where we wanted to meet him. Told him baggage claim and that we'd be there shortly. Let me say that the mapping service that Alex used gave us roads that were not labeled. Lost again. We did finally make it to the airport. Got Kev's stuff and loaded up the now empty car. He complained that he had gotten charged an excess baggage fee (me too - but on the way home), but otherwise, his trip was uneventful.

Had a quick lunch in one of the airport restaurants. I was surprised - not over priced and decent portions. I decided on a salad as I figured I wouldn't be eating too well over the next few days.

Picked up Tammy. Yay!!! Hadn't seen her since she had come out to San Francisco in 1998 while on her honeymoon!

Back to the hotel so that we could finally settle in. All the stuff had been delivered to the room. Yay!!!

I wish we could open windows.

The air conditioning was set down to 66 degrees. Yay for coolness!

Got things sorted - Tanya's Party vs Liaden Lounge. My, we had lots of stuff.

I thought the internet access was free in the room. NOT! Oh well, Kev & I agreed that it would be easier to pay the $10/day fee rather than cart the laptop down to the floors where there was free access. Need our fix, we do.

Went down to registration - all done in less than 5 minutes. Yay for organization! Good start to a Con.

Started to go through the novel that was the programming guide. Oy. Oy. Oy. As usual, there were lots of places where I had 2-5 panels that I wanted to hit and some where there was nothing going on for hours. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Was kind of interesting that there were few if any Buffy panels. At Conjose, there were lots - I think Mat hit most of them.

Decided to go for a quick swim. Pool was on the 5th floor. Open air, but the roof could be closed, I think. Lovely.

Went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Had some carrot cake for dessert and had the remainder for breakfast. Scrapped off most of the frosting and all of the whipped cream.

More programming guide perusals. There was a daily grid in the back of the program which I thought pretty cool. It sure helped!

Mat arrived!
Tags: bower, friends, liaden, worldcon

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