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Monday morning, got off the plane in Hartford and there to greet me was a smiling Alex & nephew Spenser. I think we did the Costco run first and then went to Bicksford's (?) for lunch. It may have been the other way around, but it's been a week and I was brain dead at that time.

Costco is always fun. Buying stuff for two separate parties was twice the fun. About an hour and three shopping carts later, we were done.

  • 3 - 36 pack of 12 oz cans of Diet Pepsi (one for the Hot Liquid Magma Party, one for Liaden Lounge, and of course, one for ME)

  • 2 - 36 pack of 12 oz cans of Pepsi

  • 2 - 36 pack of 12 oz cans of grape, lemon lime and orange sodas

  • 2 - 18 pack of 12 oz cans of Coke

  • 3 - 35 pack of water

  • 2 - barrels of cheese puffs

  • 4 - bags of ruffles

  • 4 - bags of plain M'n'M's

and more, LOTS more. Found out that beer is not sold in Massachusetts' Costco. Weird.

Needless to say, the car was packed. At that point, Alex and I came to the conclusion that we would have to check into the hotel first before doing the airport run on Wednesday. Alex had two ice chests, boxes of party stuff plus his own luggage.

Did a quick stop at Alex's and dropped off anything that might melt (cookies, candy etc). It was hot and humid. Oh NO! (His apartment felt very nice as he had left the air conditioner on. )

Earlier in the week, Alex had hit the Pepperridge Farm Outlet and had bought goldfish for his sister Cathy. So we stopped by her office and I got to meet her. Cool! Then we drove out to Newfane and dropped off Spenser. On the way back, we stopped by Tom & Sally's chocolate shop. Alex had disappointed an_sceal a couple of months ago by wrapping up something in an empty T & S's bag. Very sad. Teasing. Not nice. So while Alex had a box made up for Reesa, I had one made up for Kev. They had different flavors of marzipan covered in dark chocolate. Yum. Found out that Alex is also a marzipan freak.

Back to the apartment and air conditioning. Gave Alex a box of See's truffles. Mwhahaha! Another one addicted!

Got to meet Alex's niece Emily. It's been great - Alex & I are both besotted over our "kids". Glad I got the chance to meet at least two of them. The three of us walked down the hill to a Thai restaurant for dinner. I got a seafood curry which was delicious. Come to think of it, oh dear, the leftovers would still be in Alex's fridge. Oops.

We get ready to leave and look out the windows. Not such a good idea - it was pouring. Not just a shower, no this was a deluge. We had to walk back up the hill, with water up to our ankles. Really. I did find out that my sandals were looser while under water. Feet kept sliding all over the place. It wasn't very far back to the apartment, but by the time we got back we were all soaked. Oy.

I crashed soon after and left Alex hard at work on his pc.

Tuesday, we drove out to Grafton and visited a cheese factory. Tried the different kinds of aged cheddar. 1 year to 5 year. I felt like that cartoon dog who went into ecstasy when he got a doggie treat. Yum! If I could have figured out how to get the cheese home, I would have bought LOTS. As it was, I bought a bunch of the flavored mustards and roasted garlic hummus and red pepper hummus.

Had lunch at the Dam Diner which is right next to the Dam Laundrymat which is next to the Dam.

Drove back into Brattleboro and stopped by Alex's office where I got to meet his coworkers. Nice to put faces with names.

Stopped by the Famolare office!!!! Got to meet Joe Famolare, daughter Jennifer and grandson Zach. I was able to try on several pairs of shoes and now I pretty much know what size shoe I take so I can order on line. YAY! They were so nice. Had a lovely chat. Want the boots.

Got to meet his parents when we stopped by their house on the way home. Nice people =) His mom has a really cool charm bracelet. The kids have been adding on charms for years.

Walked to the Co-op where Alex picked up some sheep cheese. Come to think of it, I never did try it. Got a wee city tour. Then we did some more shopping at the regular grocery store. Needed to pick up some breakfast food and veggies.

Back to the apartment to get ready for a lovely dinner at the Chesterfield Inn. Alex had won a dinner for two in some sort of raffle. A very NICE place. I mean this is the type of place where Alex was wearing a sports coat. Yep, very nice. We had dinner on the sun porch with views of the fields. Watched the sun set. Food was delicious. We agreed that this was the type of place that would make trektone very happy. I lived dangerously and had scallops over lobster raviolis. (Did not break out in hives. Yay!) Alex had the filet mignon.

Note: It is still weird to drive for a few minutes and cross into another state. The Inn is in New Hampshire.

Back to Vermont. Packed up the car as much as we could. Got the last minute things done. I ended up frying a package of turkey bacon. Alex said he ate them for snacks. My initial thought was "he was going to eat this on the way up to Boston? The package contained 24 slices or so. Ewww!". Actually he was going to eat something like a few strips a day. He & Tammy are on the South Beach diet and were going to try and stay on plan for most of the Con.

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