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On the list of the things that I need to do (updated):

  • Pack!)

  • Pick up meds!)

  • Work!)

  • Fill out time card

  • Figure out transportation to airport JOYCE!!!

  • Check neopets into hotel

  • Pay for playoff tickets!)

  • Hit See's

  • Figure out which books I'm taking

  • Pack wine (don't forget the corkscrew!)

  • Go to Trader Joe's and pick up Ginger Snaps. Drat! They're out!

  • Stop Mail. Drat! They don't have the forms in the lobby

  • Deposit checks. Where did I put them??

It has been just one of those days. Feel like a real bubble head. Scatter brained. Start at one end of the apartment and get side tracked and never finish what I started. *sigh*

I was annoyed when I got to the post office to find that the Vacation Hold forms were only in the LOCKED lobby area. Does it not make sense to keep some of the forms in the regular lobby area? Had to print one off the web and now have to go back and drop it off.

Trader Joe's is out of Triple Ginger Snaps.

I just got a check from Sean yesterday and I'm supposed to deposit it before I go on vacation. He handed it to me yesterday and I put in my pocket. Where did I put it? I did find the check from work. Lee says that I haven't cashed her check from a while ago. Where did I put that one?

I needed to go to the San Leandro See's. I keep forgetting that Southshore's is limited to pre-packs only. "Remember it won't be back to normal unitl NOVEMBER". San Leandro's closes early on Sundays. Where did I put gift certificates?

I'm feeling frazzled. Yeah, that's the ticket. I'm only going to be gone for a week. I feel like I've forgotten something.

The good thing? I've got over two hours before Joyce comes to pick me up.

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