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Kyle's Party

Yesterday, spent the morning working (I was supposed to be off!!). Love it when you're going on vacation and things suddenly have to be done. Will still have to do some more work today & tomorrow. *sigh*

Had gotten Kyle's sort of wishlist from Gayle. Thunderbirds' Miss Penelope's car. 50 piece jigsaw puzzle. Connect the Dots book. Tennis shoes with laces (he's learning to tie his shoes), size 12W (oy!!!! I wear between a 3 1/2 - 4 boys size). Broadway Kids' cds. Karen hadn't had time to shop for the Little Man either, so I was searching for gifts from both of us.

So, first I did laundry. Joy. Had to find a place to do laundry as my usual place closed on July 31st. Their lease had not been renewed - it was at the shopping mall at Blanding & Fernside. Since Albertson's moved to its new store on the other side of the bridge and they wouldn't lease out the building, the mall has been going downhill. The City has big plans for the mall and some superstore will be coming in. Target? I know Rite-Aid's lease has not been renewed too. Couldn't find parking at the laundrymat on Park & San Jose, so I ended up the one on Lincoln & Oak.

Next I drove over to the Emervyille Toys R Us. Couldn't find much of anything there except two connect the dots books. I couldn't even find puzzles. Selection was veddy sad. Either 24 piece or 100+ pieces. Dang. Not one Harry Potter. I guess I needed to go to the Toys R Us in Hayward or Foster City. No Thunderbirds.

Went over to Kaybee's. They didn't have puzzles or Thunderbirds either.

In desperation, I went to Walgreen's. They had a 50 piece puzzle. Got Alani a My Little Pony - the white one with the strawberry. She LOVES My Little Pony.

Went to Carlin's and picked up a blue & grey pair of lace up tennis shoes. Yes!

Stopped by Walden's to pick up Undead & Unemployed. Fun series.

Checked - the Thunderbirds' car was not available. I did find it on Oh well.

It was now 4pm. Ugh. Then I had to wrap the prezzies. More Ugh.

Picked up Liz at 5pm and off we went to the Coliseum. Ah blessed AC. Plaza Suite 69. Checked out the suite, munched on popcorn from the huge A's souvenier tin, looked for something better to watch than 5 tv screens of the 49er game (ended up with the Boston game, the Yankees game, the news, & bits of the olympics). Then plopped down on the leather couches and relaxed.

Guy from next door asked if he could pull down the blinds in our suite as the sun was hitting them in the eyes. The suites are separated by a solid wall until you get to the last 10 feet before the window. Then it's glass. No problem. He walked over the windows and lowered the transparant blinds. Then he made faces at the suite next door, pulled up his shirt, smashed his manly (not) chest against the window. Liz and I basically did palm plants. I made him clean the window.

Pizzas wouldn't be delivered until middle of the first inning, though we could munch on the peanuts, chips w/dip & popcorn or start on the Caesar salad. Nope. A starving Karen showed up, so she & Liz went down to get Nachos. Yum. The suite policy is that you can't bring in outside food (must use caterers), but any food bought at the coliseum is allowable in the suite.

Da kiddies came! Kyle, in his green jersey with his name on it, and Alani, in her official A's jersey, looked adorable. They were very, very excited. The sips of Daddy & Mommy's Starbucks' drinks didn't help either. OY!!!!

Joyce, Ron, Wesley & Shaun showed up next. misstsapinay had dinner plans with friends and couldn't make it. Given a choice, Kyle had invited his teachers Judy & Amelia (and hubby Don). He also invited school buddy Mira (mom Sohiko, dad William & little brother Leo who is in Alani's class). There were only 4 kids, but you'd have thought there were dozens!!!

Pizza! Choice of Veggie, sausage, 4 cheese or pepperoni(2). Had almost 2 pizzas left over. The package I bought included 4 pizzas, but it said it only fed 12. I had 18 coming, so I ordered 1 more pepperoni pizza.

Stomper!!! I had arranged for him to come visit. Kids were ecstatic! Gave him lots of hugs, high fives and many pictures were taken. At least Alani called him Stomper instead of Dumbo. Leo was a little cowed at first, but soon was giving him enthusiastic high fives.

Kyle got his Harry Potter birthday cake. Half sheet, tres leche with strawberries. Had a bit and it was delicious! Lots of cake. Ended up passing it out to the suites on both sides of us.

Mira says she wants to have her birthday at the A's game.

In order to make it even, I think I'm going to have to rent one of those bouncy tent thingys that Alani loves for her birthday. Karen keeps going on about the poor neglected middle child. Technically, Alani is the golden child. I think Karen is channeling her childhood *grin*

A's win! YES!

Have to get ready. Going to the Palo Alto street fair. Need to stop by Fed Ex (plane tickets?). Going to pick herefox
A's game with fireworks tonight. Still need to pack. Work.
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