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Da Weekly Update

Put in the food order for Kyle's birthday party at the A's game. If anybody's at the game Friday night - please wish Kyle a Happy 5th birthday (his actual birthday is the 30th). We'll be hanging out in suite 69, eating pizza and cake.

Realized that I haven't posted anything in a week and I've been up to lots of no good as usual.

Last Friday, I did the panic packing thing. Woke up at 6:45am, grabbed a quick shower, threw enough clothes in suitcase to last me 3 days and was out the door by 7:15am. Interesting packing as I hadn't had a chance to do laundry. Still haven't done laundry. *sigh*. Karen dropped me off at the airport and off I flew to bother pezazul. Poor Fwish.

Took Kev & Christopher out for Kev's birthday dinner at Eleven Eleven Mississippi. Restaurant is all open - different levels, cool nooks, lofts with fire places. Would make a cool house. I had the potato wrapped grouper w/ roasted garlic cabernet reduction & creamy leek fondue. Tasty! Took a taste of the gooey butter cake. No wonder it's served with a large glass of milk!!!

Saturday, we went to Kimmswick. Had lunch at The Blue Owl. I think trektone would really love this place - you should see all the different desserts. Carrot cake was delicious. Kev & Christopher were veddy happy with their desserts (lemon meringue pie and can't remember what Kev had). Saw the strawberry cheesecake go by... oy!!!

Spent the afternoon shopping in all the little shops. Bought Kev his birthday prezzie - sealing wax/initial stamp and moon & stars stamp/fountain pen. He poinged. It was good. Went into one shop that had all these lovely candles. Ended up buying 4 of them! Ginger spice, spicy thai & two others that are prezzies.

Kev & I ended up having dinner at Sekisui. They were out of shishito =(. Sushi was still delicious. Off we went with what we thought was plenty of time to Shawna's Frontline Continentals Concert. WRONG. Because not only was there a Cardinals baseball game, but the Riversplash concert series at the arch starring BB King, traffic was a nightmare. The concert was less than 20 miles from where we had dinner, but it took us forever just get out of the downtown area. Freeways were packed. Ditto on side streets. We just needed to go one exit past downtown, and cross the bridge to Illinois. Got an interesting tour of East St. Louis.

Got to her concert just 15 minutes late. They were only on their second song, so we hadn't missed much. Enjoyed watching the kids sing and dance. The preaching? eh. Not as bad as last year's concert. Got to exchange quick hugs and talk to Shawna for just a few minutes - they had to pack up after the show.

Sunday, we had brunch on the Edes bridge. The bridge crosses the Mississippi, so I can now say I walked across the river *grin*. The brunch is a fund raiser (for what?). The bridge is closed every Sunday for a month and you just sit in the sun at your private table. T'was very cool. Food was delicious. They had a radio station/dj out there playing jazz.

After brunch, we walked to the Illnois side and then took the muni back to Kev's. There were a gazillion Cardinals' fans on the way to the game. All dressed in red. Had to keep myself from shouting "Let's go Oakland!"...

Flight was uneventful and I was home by 7:30pm.

Wednesday, I dragged poor herefox to see Josh Groban at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View. Had to laugh as this was the first time Foxy had ever been there. He's lived in Mountain View for years now. I ended up with just a t-shirt. I did NOT buy a program. I know, I know, that will shock many people. Shared a frozen strawberry margarita. Neither of us could find the alcohol in it.

Enjoyed the opening act - William Joseph - fantastic pianist! Got home and immediately ordered his cd. Finally found out that "that Led Zepplin song" is called Kashmir.

JG had an elaborate light show, but we were off to the side and probably missed bits. Loved listening to him. Especially loved "To Where You Are". For an encore, he sang Simon & Garfunkel's America. OOOH!!!

Haven't heard from ame_chan so I don't know if dinner is happening tonight or no.

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