Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Definitely need a quiet evening to recover from busy weekend.
My arms are a bit sore as usual after a day with da kiddies - Alani doesn't weigh more than 30 pounds, but still...

Great America on Sunday with da kiddies. I didn't burn, but poor herefox did.

Saturday, I tried to sleep in, but next door neighbors were having a garage sale. Dragging stuff from backyard (passing under my window)to the front. Lots of clinking, clanking, dropping and yakking...
Gave up and decided to read.

Liz and I headed over to the Park Street Art & Wine Faire - nice when something is less than 3 blocks away. Did lots of looking - not much buying, though I did buy the kiddies a new hawaiian outfit each. Love Debra King's stuff. Booth with the nifty agate night light/candle holders was there for the first time. Husband is running the booth at various faires; his wife is running the booth at the Heart of the Forest Ren faire.

We had an early dinner at the Emerald Garden - a Vietnamese restaurant. I had some sort of rice noodle with spicy seafood plate (not quite spicy enough for me) and Liz got the chicken salad and we split an order of eggrolls.

Stolen from sraun

Bluerider! Like C'gan and M'barak, you would ride
a blue dragon, the smallest of the males.
Although you are often overlooked, your warm,
open personality makes you a treasure to your
friends and the weyr. You are also a dedicated
and strong fighter, and not afraid to risk
everything for what you believe in.

A Pern Quiz: What Color Dragon Would You Ride?
brought to you by Quizilla

Tags: friends, kids, meme

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