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Saint Foxy, Part II

A big heart felt THANKS goes out to Foxy for having the courage and patience to spend the day with me and da kiddies. *weg*

Picked up Kyle and Alani around 9am - they were both jazzed that they were going to go Great America and that I had somehow managed to talk Sean into going too! Ya see, Kyle is very much the adrenaline junkie and Alani is sooo not. Kyle loves roller coasters, running through tunnels of waters and getting into other mayhem. He won't be 5 until the end of the month. Just wait until he's a teenager. So, if it's just me and the kids, Alani ends up going on rides she'd much rather avoid and Kyle, - well Kyle doesn't get to go on as many as he'd want. With a second s/u/c/k/e/r/ adult around, Kyle can climb all over the new waterslide park and Alani can stay at the bottom and play in the fountain.

We ended up doing:

The Wild Thornberry's Rain Maze - we basically all went through once and got totally drenched. This used to be the Nickelodeon Slime Maze - at least the water is just chlorinated instead of chlorinated, green and slimy. Alani did not like it. Kyle went through three times. HUGE grin on his face. This can only be described as a "Rain" maze if your idea of rain is like Niagra Falls or a monsoon.

Jackaroo Landing - lots of slides, and "nooks" and water "cannons". Oh, and the huge vat of water that overturns when full - onto the crowd below. I think Foxy got clobbered at least once while trying to keep track of Kyle...

Kookaburra Cay - not as good as Bonfante Gardens fountains - well as far as Alani is concerned. At BG, the fountains sprinkle/shoot up - more like running through the sprinklers, and at GA, the fountains have water falling from above.

Just realized that Kyle only rode one rollercoaster and he rode it only ONCE. Oh well. He discovered the Kidzville play area. Love the fact that they refurbished a cement mixer truck - kids climb through the cab window, go through the oval cement mixer and end up coming down a slide.

Kyle was a wee bit sad that Sean wasn't coming home with him. Playmates are a good thing =)
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