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Aug. 4th, 2004

Hmm, didn't post anything about faire on Sunday. Finally decided upon Middle Eastern costume - had wanted to pick up a head scarf or something, but Nomadia wasn't at this faire. Darn.

Managed to embarrass myself at one of the booths. Sure wish I didn't blush so easily or so red. Balls indeed.

Didn't find a lot of ooh shiny bits - no glass pusher, no nancy chien-eriksen, no nomadia. Did buy a few of the night lights - a turtle with a purple agate background (for karen), amber rose for me and a tree with purple agate for some place else in my apt.

Got home and showered and then Foxy, Lee & I headed over to Luciano's for a lovely Italian dinner. I had the polenta with mushrooms and blackened salmon. Yum.

The interview today went well, I think. The reporter is actually a scifi fan - helps run the game track at SiliCon. Did get my diet pepsi. Had a nice chat and got my pic taken with a bunch of cans of diet pepsi =)

Met trektone at Tin's Tea House for dim sum dinner. We celebrated his belated birthday in grand style - lots and lots of plates. The waitresses told us more than once that we had more than enough dishes to feed two people. We had to explain that we both liked different things and we both were fond of leftovers...

Made a quick stop at Rite Aid and picked up a 24 pack of dp. I'm planning on doing a Costco run tomorrow, so there should be enough to keep me going.

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