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Yesterday afternoon, Kev & I drove down to Redwood City to visit Lee. She was still in ICU, but she wasn't in need of the intensive care. She was alert and making comments about stuff in true "lee" fashion. She was even able to move her left foot. Huzzah!!! That's so much more than she could do on Thursday!

Kev and I drove up the coast via highway one - in other words, we took the scenic route home. It's a gorgeous trip - the ocean's right there. Kev was of the mind that he'd like to live in Half Moon Bay *g*

Ended up at Pier 39. Wandered about, did some xmas shopping and poinged over pretty stuff. Da usual *g*. Had a wonderful dinner at Neptune's Palace - managed to get a table overlooking the Bay. The chef's special was delicious - grilled ahi tuna, shrimp and a scrumptious crab cake. yummmmm... Ah the desserts - I was bad *g*. Had half of what they called "Monsieur Chocolate" layers of chocolate cake, white chocolate mousse and dark chocolate mousse with a sauce of raspberry something or other, and mango puree. Kev had the creme brulee and was one veddy veddy happy fwish.

Back to the apartment where I watched Kev get sucked in the realm that is known as Kingdom Hearts - mwhahahhahahahahahaha...

Now he just needs to buy the game and - the PS2 to play it on *g*

Today, had a quick breakfast at Velvet Grill (which Kev seems to prefer over Ole's - it's the hobo breakfast, ya know). While I fed da kitties, Kev gave them cuddles. Then it was off to SF where I dropped him off at airport *sigh*.

Drove down to Redwood City and visited Lee for a bit. She's in a group room (6 beds with a nurses' station in the middle, though her nurse said that she'd be probably moved later today. (she doesn't need the constant monitoring) Spent half an hour trying to untangle her hair - 5 days of bed hair = massive tangles. She was very patient and didn't whack me once when I pulled hair the wrong way. It's braided for the time being and out of her face. She's contemplating cutting her hair short...

She's able to move her foot more and has pins/needles sensation back in her elbow! Huzzah!

Home again, home again. ZONK! *grin*
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