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and dumb me, I looked down. I didn't remember it being this high *grin*. Normally if I look down from some great height (2nd story window even), I get that "eeek" feeling and move away from the edge.

Next thing you know, "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek" and we're at the bottom.

I do like the Drop Zone.

Went to Great America yesterday - no kids this time - just me and herefox. Got there around opening and hit most of the rides we wanted to hit before the lines gone long. In other words, we were done with park by 4pm. *grin* Got drenched from the Log Ride - that rarely happens. Rip Roaring Rapids was closed =( Did check out the new water park - I think the Kyle would love the small water slide. Loved the huge bucket that would dump its load of water on unsuspecting people below. Tested out the fountain wading area by walking through a gateway of water (think the Gateway from the City on the Edge of Forever). It was cool. =)

Played DDR and didn't make a fool of myself. Go Me! Did get creamed playing air hockey. *sigh*. Played some arcade games, won some tickets. Played stupid water race in order to win cute green monkey (you had to win twice and trade up), but Foxy only won once, so he got a love sick blue monkey - complete with the "I LOVE YOU" across its chest and lipstick kiss on its cheek. Should have played earlier when there were less people. By mid afternoon, most of the 12 spaces were always taken.

Stopped by Dark Carnival on the way home and spent less than $50, so I was doing well.

Had dinner at Acapulco and then played Karaoke Revolution until midnight.

Faire today. Guess I should go get ready...


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