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Mysterious Fed Ex Letters

I've posted a bit here and here about receiving some mysterious fed ex letters.

Y'all know I drink lots of diet pepsi. I've been playing their bottle cap games ever since they started them - the most recent ones have you go to their website and enter the code on the inside top of the bottle cap. They're entries into the drawing to qualify for bigger prizes.

Well, I found out that I am going to be one of the 200 contestants in the Pepsi-Yahoo Play for a Billion Sweepstakes. There will be a single ONE million dollar winner - that person also has a chance to win a BILLION dollars. The 199 other people just get a free trip down to Los Angeles with a 3 night stay at the Manhattan Beach Marriot.

We will be flown to Los Angeles on Friday, September 10th. There will be some Saturday outings - choice of City of Angeles Tour, Santa Monica shopping/Pier, Beach Party or Backlot Studio Tour. I think there is going to be some sort of dinner or banquet that night.

Sunday, there will be the actual "EVENT" as they call it. It will be a taped show - televised on ABC on Sunday night, September 12th. I guess they do one show every year?

I've been debating about telling anybody - only a few people know. I may be "outted" soon, as Pepsi has contacted the local newspaper and they may do a wee news bit on me. (more pr for pepsi...) Reporter has left a phone message, but I haven't called back yet.

I am not sure how to react. Yeah, I dream about winning. Buy my house, I would. I'm making Faith & Liz nuts because I'm not "visualizing" winning. Positive Outlook!!! Karen says I'm being pessimistic. Am I? Realist? One chance in 200.

Wish me luck?

I'll dream.
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