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Do NOT give a child a big sugary donut and soda. The results are not pretty. Kyle's friend Niko's daddy gave the kids this lovely treat during intermission at tonight's Obon festival.

Da kids were bouncing soooooo high they could reach the sky... Oy.
To describe them as "hyper" does not even come close.

Started the day by going to the A's vs Rangers game with Liz. Today's give away was a replica 1989 World Series Ring. Pretty nifty! Good game - A's won 6-2!!!!

Came home, showered and made sure I had all the dance stuff for Obon. Then I waited for Gayle & Kids to show up. Had a quick dinner - kids had udon, Gayle & I had tamales. Then it was time for Auntie Debbie to somehow get Alani all dressed up in her yukata. I really need to practice. Of course, trying to dress a squirmy little geisha didn't help either. Finally got Mrs. Taniguchi (Reverend's wife) to help me . She ended up redoing the whole thing. And Alani stood still for her. I had Kyle put on his new red happi coat and he was ready.

Alani Miko - July 24, 2004

The kids were totally fascinated by the taiko drums.

Met up with Kyle's friend Niko & family right before the dancing started. Now, Niko & Kyle are both sweet kids. However, if you mix the two together, you get insanity. Then if you add in the donut later on...

Kyle and Niko - July 24, 2004

Thursday, Foxy and I went to see TheatreWorks' newest production, Red. As usual enjoyed the performance - wasn't sure what was happening in the first act, but the second half pulled everything together and had me in tears. Always enjoy seeing Francis Jue in performance - he was wonderful as the Chinese Opera Diva.

Had dinner at La Vanda in Palo Alto. Enjoyed the red wine flight - all Italian - started with a chianti which was lovely. The second two were good and I liked the 2nd one better than the third. Dang it, forget to write down the names. The owner came over and explained about the different wines, where they came from, how they were made. T'was very interesting. I had the soft shell crab appetizer (YUM), and had a sardine pasta. It was interesting. Smelled stronger than it tasted. Foxy said it just "smelled vile" *grin*.

Friday was the mad dash down to San Jose so I could pick up a new yukata for Alani and a new happi coat for Kyle. Kyle had grown lots in the past year. Had called the store and they did have small enough yukatas for Alani. Left the office at 4:45 - it's less than 20 miles from work to the store - but traffic was horrible. Got to the store at 5 minutes to 6 - and the store closes at 6!!!! Fortunately, was able to run in and get the stuff. Stupid traffic.

Went to the A's game but couldn't keep my eyes open, so I left at 9pm. They lost =(

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