Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Practice, Practice, Practice

Obon Festival
Buddhist Temple of Alameda
Saturday, July 24th
2325 Pacific Ave.
Alameda, CA

Food Bazaar opens at 4pm
Cultural Demonstrations (last year there were martial arts and Taiko drumming)
Dancing begins at 7pm

I will drag you into the circle...

Went to Obon practice for the first time in years. Had decided that I had to hit at least one before Saturday night's Obon Festival. Last year was embarrassing - there were these NEW DANCES that I didn't know! (Ah, the joys of faking it while dancing in a big circle while people watch.) Usually I just do the first and last (same dance) and tanko bushi. Last year was Kyle & Alani's first Obon and they wanted to dance the entire time, so aunties had to stay in the circle and dance too.

For many years, we had been doing the same dances.

I counted 4 dances that I had never seen tonight. A couple more which I didn't recognize, but the muscle memory was still there *grin*. It also helps that there are certain ways that things are done (ie 99% of the time, the dance ends/starts with two claps)

One of the "new" dances has been around since 1998 - it is in honor of Renin Shonin, the founder of our sect, on the 500th anniversary (his birth? founding of the church? bad am I) So I finally learned the steps. Whether I will remember it on Saturday without being able to watch the teacher dancing in an inner circle is something else.

One new dance is the basubaru dance (baseball). You throw the ball, take a swing, catch the ball, get called safe and also get called out and count strikes, run the bases. It's cute. I thought it silly, but then I thought about one of the traditional dances that everybody knows - tanko bushi and that's just mimicking digging, planting and reaping.

Foxy and I ended up going to Tied House for dinner last night. NEEDED WINE !!!

I was feeling a bit frazzled. I had stopped by Target to pick up the car seat/stroller that the division was getting for a coworker. The person who was working the baby department sent me over to the guest services (baby registry and all) and the guest services clerk told me that the other person should have just found the item for me. GSclerk told me where to look, and that there was one left. Went back, found it and the drat box was almost as tall as I. Royal pain getting it in the shopping cart. Couldn't see over the top of the box. Hit pole while I was trying to get through check out line. *sigh*

Then I went to put it in the car and it being such an awkward size and all meant that I had much difficulties. Woman who was parked next to me asked me "would you mind if I moved the cart so I could move my car?" Felt like biting her head off as I was having difficulties. Would have been nice if she had just given me a hand instead of assuming that it was okay and moving the cart.

My mapquest directions to where to meet Foxy assumed that I was going to be coming from 101 and not coming via El Camino Real. He said it was across from the shopping center. There are many shopping centers on San Antonio. Guess which one I went to? Of course, it was the wrong one. At least he got out of class late, so he had only been waiting around for a few minutes. Me, on the other hand, had been looking for the stupid street for the last 20 minutes. Love it when the street signs are hidden among the tree branches.

Went back to his place and ended up playing Karaoke Revolution until midnight.

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