Debbie (debmats) wrote,

What I did the last 10 days (Continued)

Let's see...

Saturday, Liz and I ended up going for a long walk along the beach. Yay for walkies!

Picked up Lee around 4pm and we headed out to Palo Alto to meet Foxy & Charlie at Elba's for dinner. We had been planning for a 5pm dinner, but found out the restaurant didn't open until 5:30pm. Had a long, leisurely dinner ( a wee bit too leisurely!). Had the portobello mushroom salad and the chicken in a white wine mushroom sauce special. Love the potato pancakes and the red cabbage! Wine was good whatever it was *grin*. Foxy & I split the carrot cake, Lee & Charlie split the cream brulee.

Got to the concert at a minute or two before 8pm. Good thing Heather does not start on time. Good concert, lots of energy.

Monday night, I made 5 pans of finger jello - strawberry banana, wild berry, lemon, lime & orange.

Tuesday, as I had mentioned in an earlier post, was Kyle's preschool graduation. Ah kawaii desu yo!

Wednesday, I tortured da Fox. He is not allowed to stay at home and do nothing to celebrate his birthday. Nope Nope Nope. So, I had him meet me at Johnny Foley's Irish Pub and took him out for dinner. I did mention to our waitress that it was his birthday and she was kind enough to bring him a yummy piece of cheesecake with a lit candle, but no dragging everyone else around to sing *that song*. So I was not killed *grin*.

Walked up to the Marine Memorial Theatre to see "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" We both enjoyed it and recommend y'all see it. I do love Single Man Drought & Always a Bridesmaid.

Thursday, since I had to go in on a telecommute day (why do people keep scheduling me in meeting when they know it's my telecommute day????), decided to treat myself to an evening at Watercourse Way. Sauna, hot tub and cold plunge - very lovely.

Friday was Wesley's Surprise 18th Birthday Luau. I almost didn't make it. I had been running around most of the day and had decided to read a bit and... Woke up at 7pm. EEEK!
Got to the party and everybody was already there.
I gave him the option of money or a show + dinner, and he chose the show. We're going to see Peter Pan at AMTSJ - I just have to figure out who else is going and get the tickets.

Saturday - A's game! They lost =(
They had members of the 1974 World Series Team - celebrating the 30th anniversary. Got to see Joe Rudi!!! My favorite. Dick Green, Reggie Jackson, Ken Holtzman, Vida Blue, Billy North, Claudel Washington, Ray Fosse and more. Catfish Hunter's widow was on hand too - announcing the Catfish Hunter Team Spirit Award. It will be voted on by the team and given at the end of the season.

Got more walkies in - Liz called and dragged me out for another long walk down the beach. Any beach walk is over 3 miles. My usual walk is 2 1/2 miles or so.

Sunday - took the kids to Bonfante Gardens. Alani still loves the Bulgy the goldfish ride (Nemo! Nemo!) and both kids love the dancing waters fountain. Fountain was pretty packed today - with both kids and adults. Temps hit the mid 90's so...

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