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Faire/What I did these last 10 days...

Behind in journaling as usual.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye...

I'm planning on going to Heart of the Forest Renaissance Faire in Novato on Sunday, August 1st. Drop me a line if you're interested in going/meeting up there. Also if you want me to order you a discount ticket. I'll be ordering tickets on this Wednesday.

I think herefox and lilacfairy are going. Be warned that Eeyore II may not have any extra seats as there is a possibilty that a wee knight and a fairy princess may be going. If this does come to pass, remind me that KYLE IS NOT GETTING A SWORD. (okay, maybe one of those cool cloth/foam ones).

Wednesday, picked up Lee at the train station and met Foxy & Charlie at Stafford Park. They had got there early enough to stake out a nice spot - right under a big leafy tree - close to the stage and just far enough from the restrooms =). It was a just a lovely evening - enjoyed the food, the music and the company.

Spent most of Thursday evening getting stuff ready for my 15th Annual "I Survived My First 6 Months With the City" breakfast. Did the Costco run - bought 3 packages of muffins, 3 packages of croissants, 10 dozen eggs, 20 pounds of potatoes, 12 pounds of lil' smokies, watermelon, honey dew, canteloupe, blue berries, strawberries, orange juice and apple juice. Cleaned and cut up the fruit. Made cottage potatoes and baked them for an hour and a half.

Had to be home before 8pm as I had to pick up yet another mysterious letter at Fed Ex.

Friday morning, 6am. Potatoes had been on warm since 1am and then back on bake at 5am and by 6am they were done. Showered and got all the food loaded and on the road by 6:20. Coffee urn on at 7:10, 8 cups of rice washed and cooking by 7:15. Started first batch of scrambled eggs (about 30 eggs). Blew the kitchen fuses by 7:23. Moved the microwave to the other wall so I could finish heating up the sausages. By 7:30, had lots of offers of help from the early birds and had the fruit and muffins and croissants out. (It helped that I had everything set up the night before). Breakfast served by 7:40am.

The Hallmark Ornaments' Party is the debut of the 2004 Christmas Ornaments Collection. It runs from midnight until 2am. There was no way that I was going to go home and come back out again, so I dragged Foxy out to see Shrek 2 and then dinner. Love Puss in Boots. Those eyes *grin*.

I am drawing a complete blank as to where we ended up eating dinner. Fiesta del Mar???

Spent way too much on ornaments. Dang Plushie Pushers! I did win one of the Reyn Spooner shirts though - got the newest Oakland A's!

As the Barry Bonds and the Willie Mays ornaments were debuted that evening, the store was decorated in Giants' colors and all the staff were wearing Giants' shirts. As I had arrived almost an hour early, I kept looking in the window and seeing all that orange and black and...

I ended up wearing my A's cap during the entire party. It had Tina (chief PP) totally in giggles so she had somebody bring me some helium filled balloons in yellow and green and they were attached to the back of my jeans... Mel says she could always tell where I was in the store by where the balloons were. Wonder how Rachel (die hard yankees fan) coped with having to wear Giants' stuff *weg*
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