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Right now, I'm sitting in "the eye of the storm" . Nothing's going on. Peaceful. Kev's sleeping in the living room; Mat's plane is getting ready to take off (I hope)

These past two weeks have been busy. Work, family, friends. Things I've learned this past week? 1) I can still manuever a wheel chair up and around with killing anybody. 2) How to clean out a cat box and live. 3) How much time is spent when trying to decide what to eat, where to go, what to do in a group larger than 3 people.

Wednesday afternoon was spent at Kaiser with Lee while she got examined and evetually admitted. I found that there were a lot of semi suppressed memories from the time mom did the whole emergency, catastrophic illness event. Worries, fears, and the "just what do I do?" Something to think about.

Thursday, busy busy at work. Went to pick up Kev at SFO, flight was delayed an hour. Went to look at exhibit on Javanese/Bali puppetry on the concourse between terminal E and the old international terminal. Came back and checked arrival board. Flight 2867 was no longer listed. Thoughts going through brain - "must have been diverted" "had better have been diverted" "what if it hadn't been diverted???? eeek" Called flight information. Plane had been diverted to Las Vegas because of the bad weather conditions. It would hopefully be able to depart LV around 11:30pm with arrival in SFO around 12:30am. *sigh of relief*

Went home, took care of cats, did dishes. Was way behind on my cleaning as I hadn't been home the last few nights. Stopped by store and picked up some goodies and more cat litter and a few cleaning products. Back to airport. Kev's plane didn't get into the gate (they had to wait for gate to clear) until 12:45. Another delay for luggage. Finally got to the apt around 1:30am. Ate thai food. Zonked.

Friday morning, made poor Kev clean out litterbox. Fed cats. Moggie and Gemma got some cuddles from Kev. They were definitely missing Lee. *sigh* Quick stop at the muffins place around the corner for breakfast and some caffeine. Zipped over to Oakland airport to pick up Mat deer. More waiting for luggage. Have to wait for the stuff to go through the black hole or something.

Spent the afternoon, chatting. Dragged Mat to the j-restaurant up the street. Was nice and did NOT make him eat sushi *g*. Walked down to Park Street, where Mat & Kev bought their monthly comic fix. Stopped by Urban Forest and ooh'd over some of the new stuff that they had gotten.

Stopped by florist and picked up a wild flower bouquet for Lee. On to Redwood City. Got to the hospital and walked into her room. No Bed. hmmm... Talked to one of the nurses. Said Lee had been taken to surgery. She didn't have any other info as it had happened just before shift change - plus I wasn't family so, I couldn't get other info. damn. damn. damn. damn. Went back to my office and called Lee's brother. He hadn't been informed. (bad hospital!) Got numbers to call to check on her status, but there was nothing to do until after surgery.

Met Sean, Paulie, Noah, Rikoshi, Jeff and Joey at Heather Concert. Got to inform group that Lee was having surgery and we had no other info.

This concert was to be one of 4 that were taped. I was figuring on just a tape that was on the entire concert. Instead it was more like a recording session, with no amplifiers or speakers. Had to be quiet. Was not what I was expecting nor what I really needed. Needed the high from all the energy of a usual heather concert. *sigh* It's not that the concert was bad - loved all the songs - but I needed the "jump start"

Called hospital. Got some answers - it was 11:30 and Lee had just been moved from recovery to ICU. (normal practice) She was doing well for somebody who had just had surgery. *sigh of mucho relief* They couldn't give us much more info than that as we weren't "family" *sigh*

Ended up at Denny's for dinner. Some weird guy from the concert tried to join our party as he couldn't find his group. oy. He eventually found his group, thank goodness.

Dropped everybody off and was home around 1:30 or so.

Yesterday, Gayle, Kyle & Alani stopped by as we were getting ready to go. Got my snuggles in. Kyle rediscovered how much fun Mat is *g* Much showing off of his Thunderbirds and Monsters Inc, toys. Alani's crawling now! *g*

Off to Los Gatos - much shopping (yay Inner Journey!) oohing and aahing over wind chimes. I WILL get one of the big ones someday and to hell with the neighbors *G*. After a *discussion* we ended up eating at Le Boulanger. 7 of us and one decision to make. Oy. *grin* "What do you want to eat" "I don't have any cravings" "Whatever everybody else wants to eat" *sigh*

Went to dinner at Vaso Azzuro in Mountain View. Yummy as usual Had a bottle of soave classico - they were out of gewurztraminer. It was dryer than a gewurtz, but it was lovely. Waiter grinned as I ordered my usual... spniach salad and of course, seafood risotto. Me is stuck in a rut. Well, Sean ordered one of his usuals - the piamentese. I'm not the only one stuck in a rut. Mat ordered something with chicken and for the life of me, I can't remember what Kev ordered. *sigh* brain dead.

Dropped off Kev & Mat and then went and fed the cats. The kitties get about 15 minutes of semi attention as I feed them, and give Moggie her meds. After that, the allergies have kicked in and I need to leave *g* Gemma, for the first time, started going after Moggie's meds (tuna flavored) and Moggie hissed at her. Moggie got revenge later as I saw her nibbling out of Gemma's food dish. They can figure it out themselves.

Mat, Kev & I talked for a bit. Showed Kev some of Kingdom Hearts. He thought it interesting, but his cold meds had kicked in and he was zonking. We all went to bed fairly early - before 12:30am - not bad.

Today - 7am. Knock on door... "Deb, wake up..."

bleeech. Mat's plane was at 11:15, which meant we needed to get him to the airport by 9:15 and if he wanted breakfast at Ole's, we needed to get out of the apt by 7:30.
A.M.!! Out the door at 7:28... GO US! The two guys got pancakes and kev had bacon. I had scrambled eggs and bacon. yum.

Dropped Mat off at airport, dropped Kev back at apt and went off to feed cats. Cleaned out the litterbox for the first time. Go ME. Wasn't as bad as I expected, except one of the cats had pee'd on floor in front of box. Not sure if it was because she was not happy with the current state of affairs or litterbox wasn't clean enough
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