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Took off from work at 3pm today. Reason? Kyle's preschool graduation! There were 6 little ones graduating - Kyle, Lane, Niko, Alex, Myra & Mia. It was sooo kawaii desu yo!

Kyle's Preschool Graduation - July 13, 2004

T'was a very short ceremony (short attention spans!) and each child was introduced and a little something was said - when they had started and how old they were then and now. They each sat in a chair with their "symbol" on it - Kyle's is a tree. (Alani's is a strawberry) Each child received a "diploma", flower, photo album of their time at Woolly Mammoth (Karen & I were just the besotted aunties while we oohed and ah'd over little little kyle pics - okay enough besottedness) and a t-shirt with their symbol and "Woolly Mammoth Class of 2004" printed in bright colors.

The kids sang "It's a Small World" and Don't Laugh At Me.

Potluck dinner followed (yes, that's what the 5 batches of finger jello were for). Somebody had arranged for two bouncy tents so the kids were able to burn off some of the sugar from the cookies and cake.

Alani was very happy as she had finger jello, Mommy & Daddy, Grandpa, Aunties and two bouncy tents.

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