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Just where are my pearls? *grin*

Ah, yes, the hormones have kicked in.
Don't speak to me in a voice just the tiny bit loud. Da nerves? Don't go there.

On the hand, I'm feeling very... "nesty". Susie Homemaker?
Cleaning the kitchen.
Cooking (don't laugh!)

Preparing food for one of techie's birthday - he wanted something healthy, not something easy like CAKE. (go to Safeway, buy cake) Nope, he wanted fresh fruit, yogurt, stuff like that. So I'm making melon balls. Cleaning grapes, berries etc. That's done.

Tomorrow night, lilacfairy, herefox, Charlie and I are going to see Golden Bough as part of the summer concerts in the park in Redwood City series. Making chicken teriyaki, musubi (rice balls), two kinds of salad (okay, safeway's), cleaning grapes and blueberries; slicing up extra sharp cheddar, salami and sour dough bread. Made the onion dip. Fun picnic stuff.

This Friday, I am serving breakfast to my co-workers. It's my 15th annual celebration of passing probation with the City - of surviving the first 6 months. It's also a way to say thank you! *grin* More cooking. I'll be making cottage potatoes and more melon balls - watermelon, canteloupe & honey dew. Rice - gotta have rice with scrambled eggs. Costco! Eggs, muffins, croissants, lil' smokey sausages. Juice. Coffee. Hmmm, where did I put my coffee urn? Is it still at Karen's? Have to figure out last minute shopping list.

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