Debbie (debmats) wrote,

The parade, the fun fair and some fireworks

Exhausted am I.

I somehow ended up with the kids two weekends in a row. They had never been to a 4th of July parade, so...

Gayle dropped off the kids around 9:10. They emptied out my spare change cup (A's 24 oz souvenir cup) and were making piles of their "treasure". (came home this evening and realized that there were still coins all over the living room floor). We then headed out to the Rittler Park where we parked the car and then found curbside space just before Grand & Otis. Parked Alani's stroller, Kyle & I spread out beach towels, and then we proceeded to have a picnic breakfast. Raisins, mini wheats and cheerios. Milk & juice for the kids. DP for me.

We cheered on the runners for the charity fun run. Kyle decided that he'd scream very loudly for all of them. My ears! *grin*
Alani was making friends with all the doggies that walked by.

Kyle wanted to go play in the park, but we had to wait for Auntie Karen to show up. She brought two more beach chairs, and then took the kids over to the play structure while I basked in the sun.

The Parade started at 10am, but it took them almost half an hour to get to where we were sitting. Alani sat in my lap for the most part. We waved and cheered all the different floats, groups, bands (they usually were doing the drum solo bit when they passed our section). Notable exceptions were the NRA and one very fundamentalist church group. Many of the council members were tossing out candy to the audience (I have them to thank for the tootsie roll stickiness in my hair - Alani loves tootsie rolls *sigh) and getting candy, flags and other stuff - that was Kyle's favorite part. Alani's favorite - hands down - all the horsies!!!

Two hours later, the city street sweeper came by - it's always the last "float". Gave him much applause.

Walked back to the car and dropped off towels, chairs, stroller, etc. Then walked back into Rittler Park for the fun faire. $10 per kid gets them all the bouncy hut, giant slide, baseball pitch, games (ie frisbee golf, bubble blowing) and craft stuff (make your own bracelet, mask, temporary tattoo etc) that they could want. They had three bouncy huts - spongebob, nemo and some kind of train with a slide in the middle - Kyle & Alani were ecstatic.

Everytime I turned around, Alani was heading back towards one of the bouncy huts. She & I both got lots of walkies in. I needed a nap. So did she, but she wouldn't slow down *grin* Stubborn is girl child! And she's only 2 1/2!!! I shudder when I think about how she'll be when she's a teenager.

We finally left the fair around 2:30 - Alani was asleep within 5 minutes. Drove around a bit, but could not get Kyle to go to sleep. Problem is, he knows how to get to Auntie Karen's house and he knew I was driving around to try to get him to go to sleep - so he refused.

Listened to the A's vs Giants game - A's won! Also dozed a bit. Karen & Kyle went out on the back deck and blew bubbles. Got to doze through The Grinch Who Stole Christmas & Horton Hears a Who. Then back to Gayle's for dinner - she made teriyaki chicken, corn, rice, cottage potatoes and salad.

Finally left around 9pm - watched the fireworks from the Berkeley Marina, Jack London Square, Lake Merritt while we drove home. Pretty *grin*

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