Debbie (debmats) wrote,

This week has been very busy - work especially.

Last Thursday, herefox and I went to see Arcadia, Theatrework's 2004-2005 season opener. It told the story in the present as researchers tried to figure out what happened in 1809 and also told the story as it actually happened in 1809. Loved the last act when they merged the two casts on the same stage. Neither cast seeing the other. Looking at the same book. Dancing a waltz.

Went to the ball game by myself on Friday. A's lost =(. Drat Giants. Liz & I went on Saturday - A's won! . Biggest regular season crowd ever - 55,989. Ended up parking across the freeway, oy. We also did walkies along the beach - t'was a gorgeous day.

Saturday morning, I went down to fed ex to pick up what I thought was the Waterford crystal I had bought while in Ireland. It wasn't. Some thinking to do. More on this later this month. It's a good thing *grin*

Sunday was babysitting and also the church bazaar. Took the kids to the bazaar - munched on yummy stuff - Udon and curry rice. Kids played all the kids' games - grab bag, hi-lo, tic tac toe, etc. $10 worth of tickets goes soooo much further there rather than great america *grin* Kyle played games until he had enough win tickets for a squirt gun. Alani loved the tootsie roll pop. All over her face, her hands, her hair... Oy. Picked up lots of food - chicken teriyaki, more udon, more curry rice and took them back to Karen's for dinner.

Fiscal year end - lots of projects due - stuff which need to be online by July 1st. Done! Go Me! It meant working lots. Have 15 hours of overtime since Monday.

Foxy & I ended up at Zucca's for Tuesday night's dinner. I am soo hooked on borsao wines. We both needed alcohol. Quick dinner and then I had to go back to work.

My Waterford Crystal finally arrived from Ireland! I ordered Dolmen Bowls for Karen & Gayle and two wine glasses in the same pattern for me.
Tags: a's, friends, kids, pepsi

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