Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Book Geeking and More Trip Planning

It's been a good week for reading. Besides enjoying Kathy Reich's Monday Mourning, I read Naomi Hirahara's Summer of the Big Bachi, Nina Kiriki Hoffman's A Fistful of Sky and KJ Erickson's Alone at Night.

SotBB was a good first novel - had lots of JA stuff that I could get into - would like to read the second book in this mystery series.

AFoS was a great read - I very much enjoyed - need to read more stuff by her!!!

Just finished AaN - wow!!! Her last book The Last Witness just blew me away and this one was even better. Need more.

Shawna, my sort-of-niece, is once again doing that gospel concert tour - she's been promoted to the Frontline Continentals and will be touring through the New England/Eastern Canada regions. Check it out! She'll be touring in group N. Everytime I see her, I am so impressed by her singing and dancing. Wow!!!

She'll be playing in New York, Ohio and Missouri. Hmmm...

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