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Lazy days...

Ended up walking down to the Velvet Grill for brunch on Sunday. Had the usual Hobo breakfasts. Lots of diet pepsi. Hit Walden's and then Starbucks. Decided to walk along the beach down to the Bay Farm Island Bridge and then back home. Very relaxing.

Spent the rest of the afternoon reading - I had picked up the newest Kathy Reich's book Monday Mourning. Good read. Had sushi for dinner at Kamakura's and then headed out to the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa for the Mary Chapin Carpenter (aka That Hussy) Concert. Enjoyed it very much - she sang a bunch of my favorites - The Bug, Shut Up & Kiss Me, Stones in the Road and I Feel Lucky - and also a bunch from her new album.

Now eleven million later, I was sitting at the bar
I'd bought the house a double, and the waitress a new car
Dwight Yoakam's in the corner, trying to catch my eye
Lyle Lovett's right beside me with his hand upon my thigh
The moral of this story, it's simple but it's true
Hey the stars might lie, but the numbers never do

- I Feel Lucky - Mary Chapin Carpenter & Don Schlitz

She said she had thought about revising I Feel Lucky as Dwight Yokum & Lyle Lovett didn't quite do it for her anymore - she's a happily married woman now. She said she had tried out her new version on an audience and it didn't go over too well. I guess adding a line about her husband (the contractor) using a staple gun in response to Lyle having his hand upon her thigh... Oh well.

Monday, we went to Dark Carnival so that Kev could pick up the 2nd book in the Magician's Guild trilogy and I could pick up a few things... Tried to go to Rick & Ann's for lunch but they had a 25 minute wait. Ended up at China Gourmet. Kev had the Mongolian Beef & I had the shrimp in lobster sauce. Yum. Dropped Kev at the airport *sigh*. Probably won't see him again until World Con unless I decide to hit one of Shawna's concerts this summer.

Fooled around with my live journal "stylesheet". Have to play with it some more.

Decided to play Karaoke Revolution so I could unlock my favorite character. Finally got Harmony! Yay!!!! Go Me!

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