Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Carmel and da Splash Splash

pezazul, herefox and I spent the day in Carmel - lots of window shopping - tried out the massage chairs at Sharper Image. Ditched the guys and checked out Cold Creek store. It is a bit sad that the capri pants are just about an inch too short - otherwise they'd be the perfect regular length for me. Had lunch at an Italian resturant that I forget the name of - enjoyed the pesto bruschetta & garlic bread. I had a cesaer salad and steamed artichoke with garlic aioli. Yum! Bread pudding was not as good as Friday night's, but was still tasty.

Did a bit of wading - didn't take as long to get used to the cold water. I find dodging (or in my case "not") waves very peaceful. Just being there "in" the ocean makes me feel very good inside - peaceful? content?

Brought a book, but ended up napping in the sun.

Got room 9 - Bats - at Watercourse Way. I so love that room - steam, tile hot tub and cold plunge. Enjoyed watching the manta window and all the bubbles. Hot tub felt very good...

Had dinner at the hamburger place. We were all pretty catatonic at that point. Didn't quite do the face plant in the dinner plate, but came close.

Kev is still sleeping. It's going to be lazy day. May go hit Dark Carnival. Need to leave by 6pm for That Hussy's concert in Santa Rosa.

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