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Fun stuff...

Thursday, I found Kev's suitcase before I actually found him.

Note to people who fly Southwest into Oakland that I am picking up - I will meet you in TERMINAL 2 at baggage claim - even if your flight comes into a gate at TERMINAL 1! Your luggage will ALWAYS go to TERMINAL 2. Even if you have no luggage, go to TERMINAL 2!

Friday, pezazul and I took the ferry over to Fisherman's Wharf. Had lunch at the Pier Market (crab & shrimp louie and clam chowder!!!) and wandered around Pier 39. Window shopped down the wharf - bought some chocolate covered orange peel. Kev had fun at the market at the Cannery - love all those miniature bottles of booze.

Rode the cable car (first time since BowerCon 1999) and stood on the back platform. Going up Hyde Street is really weird when you ride in back - great view of the bay though! Got off at Union Square. I actually did NOT buy anything at the Disney store. Go Me! Spent much time and money at Lush store. Bath bombs!

Walked back to the Ferry building and caught the 5:20 ferry back to Alameda. Love the ferry =) Got back home around 6:20 - rested for a bit.

Picked up Foxy and lilacfairy and met tealfox, andreal, and rikoshi for dinner at Tropix. Sangria! Love the fried plantains and the callaloo. I had the spicy jambalaya - lovely as usual. The white chocolate raspberry bread pudding was extremely yummy!

We went back to my place for yakking & some Karaoke Revolution silliness. Managed to drink two bottles of wine - a Chateau St. Jean Cinq Cepages Cabernet Sauvignon & a Clos Pegase Mitsuko Vineyard Chardonney. Also drank some of the whiskey creme stuff I picked up in Scotland...

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