Debbie (debmats) wrote,

This week in the news...

Saturday, took the kids to Bonfante Gardens in Gilroy. They had a good time - the rides, for the most part, were small kid sized. The park wasn't crowded so we didn't have to wait in lines. The kids loved the ferris wheel and the dancing water fountains I think Alani had seen the dancing waters from the "balloon" ride and as soon as she got off the ride, she took off down the path to the fountain. The kids could run through geysers and boy did they get soaked. The concession stand probably made a mint from selling the "official Bonfante Gardens" beach towel.

Monday, Foxy had me over for dinner and a movie. He was trying out a new recipe - lemon chile chicken with rice. It was very tasty, though I thought it would be better with more chile and nikari thought it would better with more lemon. We watched Strictly Ballroom and I liked it a lot. Played a couple rounds of karaoke revolution. I need to learn a few more songs...

Worked late on Tuesday - had a project due. Oh joy. Got it done! Go me!

Wednesday was the "oh please, oh please, do NOT call me for jury duty" day. Didn't have to report for 8:30 roll call. Checked again at 11am and found out I didn't have to report for the 2pm either. YAY! Free for at least one year. (Considering that I last served in December 2002 and was called again in April 2004... *sigh*)

Did a Costco run with lilacfairy. I needed diet pepsi as usual, plus I wanted stuff for the weekend. How dare Costco be out of stick salami?? We ended up at Sizzler's for dinner (salad and all) and then did a quick trip to Safeway.

Need to get one more project done by tomorrow afternoon. I've got a teleconference at 1:30 and then I've got to post the city council agenda by 5pm. Hopefully, the agenda will not be long. Html, html and more html. Webmaster is off wandering in the Grand Canyon until Monday.

Kev arrives after 11pm tomorrow night - he's visiting so that he can see THAT HUSSY again. Since I don't have jury duty, we're going to take the ferry over to the city on Friday - take the cable car over to Union Square so he can hit the Lush store and then spend the rest of the afternoon on the wharf.

Friday night, a bunch of us are going out to dinner at Tropix, a Caribbean restaurant, that has delicious corn bread. Yum Yum Yum.

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