Debbie (debmats) wrote,

And Just What Happened Last Week?

Ack! Haven't posted in a bit.

Saturday, Karen & I went to the A's game - Hudson threw a complete game shut out! Go A's! Afterwards, we did that Costco thing. I really needed to restock as I hadn't been grocery shopping since end of April.

Sunday, I took Kyle to the A's game - feeding him before was a mistake. The time it takes for the pizza guy to show up and for Kyle to eat his pizza usually takes a few innings. Innings that I get to watch the game. Kyle was ready to go home before the game had started and wanted to go play in the stomper fun zone NOW. *sigh* Made him sit through the first two innings - had him watching for the cotton candy guy. Did the stomper fun zone - he loves the bouncing tent and the tee ball batting cage.

Went back to Karen's and we took the kids to the park. Karen says that Alani is a bit lost when she goes to the park without Kyle even though Alani has certain things that she likes to play on (the little tikes house and the small swings) that Kyle does not. She's always looking for him. =)

Monday, herefox and I went to see Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban. I enjoyed it a lot - and I did have evil grins while I watched the whomping willow tree get the bluebirds. Of the HP books & movies, I think this one has been my favorite. Wish the movie had explained better who Mooney, Padfoot, Wormtail & Prongs were. Ended up at "Mambo" Duck for dinner.

Tuesday, I had dinner with Joycie. Ended up at the Texas Roadhouse in Union City. Interesting place - there are barrels of peanuts to snack on and the shells are all over the floor everywhere! Had a very nice dinner - lots of chatting and giggling as usual. Went to Borders but I didn't end up buying anything. *shock*

Wednesday, talked to indigorogue. Due to RL, it was decided to postpone her trip to CA this weekend. The omens just weren't right for this trip.

Thursday, Karen, herefox, trektone and I went to see Hairspray. Had dinner at Original Joe's - a bit rushed - even though we had 6:30pm reservations we didn't get seated until almost 7pm. Food was plentiful. I got the fried oysters, Karen had the veal scallopine sec, Joey had the garlic pot roast and Foxy had the chicken parmigiana. Yum.

I enjoyed the show - much more than I thought I would. Didn't know much about the story, but had heard bits of the perky soundtrack. Fun! Much giggling. And Songs-That-Get-Stuck-In-Your-Head. Oy!

Friday, Lee & I had dinner at Chin's. Did some catching up - hadn't seen her since April?

Gayle is dropping off the kids in an hour. I think I'm going to take them to Bonfante Gardens or perhaps we'll take a ferry ride into the city...

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