Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Not mumps - just mumps like reaction.

Was all set to watch Kyle at Karen's - my living room has stuff from England and suitcase hell.

Double checked on mumps - and the vaccine wasn't given until 1967 or so. Consensus was that Gayle probably had gotten the shot, but Karen? Hmmm... Gayle called Karen to see if she had had it or not. Had she had the mumps or gotten the shot?

Wanted to confirm as Karen is supposed to watch the kids on Sunday - otherwise I would need to.

Gayle ended up calling her regular kid doctor who told her that Kyle did not have mumps - he was just having a mumps like reaction to the vaccine. He was not contagious. A live virus was not used to make the vaccine, so he could actually go to school. Gayle cleared it with the school, and off he went. He'll get to go to the public market after all.

He does look adorable with chipmunk cheeks =)

Went to Walden's and picked up a copy of Sirius - The Dog Star edited by Martin Greenberg and greenmtnboy18. Didn't find any on the shelf, so I asked. They had to go into the back and get some more, so I go my copy and made sure there were more on the shelf *grin* Had to laugh while I was reading Alex's introduction...

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