Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Conduit 2004 - Part II

Let's see, where did I leave off?

Did find out that the guy sitting by the window at the party on Friday night was L.E. Modesitt - Angie and I just looked at each other at GOH panel - "hey that's that guy!" He introduced Steve & Sharon.

I walked over to the Gateway shopping center - about two blocks from the hotel. I had called Barnes & Noble there to confirm that they had a copy of Goose Girl. Did some window shopping and enjoyed the dancing water fountain (you can actually run through if you want)in Olympic Square. Picked up Goose Girl and Mary Balough's newest Slightly Dangerous and then hit Starbucks for a chai latte.

Thuy had yet another family dinner to go to, so Elaine, Angie & I ended up in the lounge at Shula's. Prices seemed a lot more expensive than I remembered from Balticon. Had a prime rib sandwich with potato salad and a salad. Thuy came back in time for dessert - she desperately need a drink though *grin*.

Went back up to the room and we watched George Lucas in Love. I need to get a copy of it. Then Steve & Sharon showed up and they carried with them just the first three chapters of Crystal Soldier!!!! They know us well - and that's all they brought with them from Maine - just the first three chapters. *sigh*. So for the next hour, we all sat there and listened to them read. WANT MORE! as usual. Will need to preorder the book as soon it's available.

Elaine, Thuy & I went down to filk. Got to listen to a whole lot of songs that I had never heard before. Loved Merlin by Kathy Mar & Fire in the Sky by Jordin Kare. Finally gave up around 3am and crawled back to bed.

Sunday, 8AM. Friends of Liad Breakfast. Elaine, Thuy, Angie and I managed to stagger out of bed - well at least Angie, the morning person, was cheery. Steve & Sharon seemed pretty much awake too. Thuy was trying to find a comfy spot on the lobby couch and probably would have gone back to sleep. Charleese (sp?) had said that she probably wouldn't make it that early and I have no idea where Kammi was. Ended up back at J & B's for buffet breakfast.

10am Reading - Steve & Sharon were first presented a GOH plaque from the con and then they read This House from Janis Ian's Stars anthology. Janis Ian had specifically asked for a Liaden story based on that song. Cool!

Hit the art show for the first time this con. Well, at least I made it to this one - I never made it to Balticon's. Several oooh shiny things, but I was good. Just bid on three things and won them too.

Went to the panel "Giving Life to Your Lesser Characters" or "So he’s just crewman #5, but without him we’d never find out about the captain’s interest in jazz, which started yet another plot twist. How a background character stays in the background, and yet heavily influences the plot." Interesting panel with Shannon Hale, L.E. Modesitt, Dave Wolverton (aka Dave Farland) and Steve & Sharon.

Went to the art auction and bid on a few things, but only won one. It was one of the charity items - cool picture of a nebula. I put an opening bid on - but nobody else bid, so I got it for $10!!!

We went to Buca di Beppo's for dinner. Lots of food. Good thing it was several blocks away - we really needed the walk. Ugh.

Back to the lounge - saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the anime Fruits Basket. I enjoyed both and I do own My Big Fat Greek Wedding already - it's still in its Costco wrapper. Need to buy more Fruits Basket. Undecorated the lounge. Had Kammi's brother pry the lizards off the ceiling. I remember putting a lizard on the leaves of a plant on Friday, but have no idea where it went. Perhaps somebody will get a surprise...

Got a few hours(?) of sleep and then Thuy was nice enough to take to me the airport. No delays - slept all the way home.


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