Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Conduit 2004 - Part I

Packed a carry on suitcase and off I went. Stuff from England trip was still all over the living room floor. Did manage to do a quick load of wash Thursday night.

Slept on the flight to Salt Lake City and met Angie at terminal C. Good thing both Angie and Thuy & Elaine had their phones as we would have never found each other otherwise. Team No Sleep & I went off to lunch at Crown Burgers and I had my first Crown burger. I had no idea that it was hamburger with pastrami on top. Yum!

Registered and went up to the lounge (otherwise known as the parlor or Angie's room). Party was to be that evening. Started decorating the lounge and of course threw a few lizards up on the ceiling. Lo and behold 2 on the ceiling and one on the glassed picture on the wall stayed up the entire Con. My favorite was the lizard with the frill around his neck (kind of like the costume in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert).

Had gone downstairs earlier looking for the party board. Found out that there wasn't one. We'd need to do flyers or something and post them. On the way back to the room, we cornered the Conchair in the elevator and he was very nice and volunteered to print us up some flyers and have them posted! Thank you Joe Monson!

Didn't hit any of the afternoon panels. We chatted for a bit and then ran errands. Thuy drove us out to her brother's house so she could pick up the cooler and some movies. Target had a sale on DVD's players - $35?? or something like that, so she had bought one. Thuy and I sat in the car (why do I keep thinking "get away" car?) while Angie & Elaine ran into the sandwich shop to pick up the party food. Just as they were leaving the shop, the skies opened up and they were both very wet from walking the 20 feet to the car.

Skipped the ice cream social as the line was very long and wasn't craving it. Went back upstairs and we finished up setting the room. Elaine is amazing! She has everything in her boxes and bags. Tape, scissors, lizards, contact paper... Angie was elected to draw the tree & dragon on the welcome poster. (as she had done the original one that's on all the shirts and website, it was appropriate *grin*) Somebody put on Galaxy Quest and we sort of watched it while we were getting ready and waiting for people to arrive.

Steve & Sharon arrived first, though we did have a couple of people knocking on the door about an hour before we were open. ("Come back in an hour!) Got to meet Kammi & Charleese from the list - met most of Kammi's family too =). Room was pretty much full all evening. Thuy's brother & sister-in-law and niece all came too. Her niece is adorable! She's same age as Alani - two. She really enjoyed the candy and managed to sneak some more from the candy dish in the corner. (Skittles, Reese's Pieces and M'n'M's or SRM as Elaine labeled the dishes) We had debated about putting the word "publisher" under neath the dishes, but decided not to.

Last person left around 12:45am and lounge was pretty much cleaned up by 1am. Dropped off most of the leftover sandwiches in the consuite. We all changed in pajamas and continued to have our own party - me, Thuy, Elaine, Angie & Kammi. Sleep? We don't need no sleep... I have a vague memory of going to bed around 3???

Slept in until almost 11am on Saturday. Oy. Did I need it. Had heard Angie moving around next door earlier, but I went back to sleep. Finally got up, showered and went downstairs to check out the dealer's room. Not a whole lot - lots of gaming stuff, some nifty jewelry and of course, books. The corner vendor who had all the guest authors books? Turned out to be the local Walden Books =). Met up with Elaine, she was talking with Steve & Sharon - while they were autographing books.

Went to my first panel at noon - the Mike Oberg show - he takes questions from the audience and has the panel answer them as appropriate. The panel consisted of Steve & Sharon, Dr. Jordin Kare, Laura & Tracy Hickman and Shannon Hale. Everything from your favorite character and least favorite to what is your most favorite part of the writing process and least.

Elaine, Angie & I walked up the street to J & B's restaurant for lunch. Thuy was out doing a family visit. Then we walked around the Mormon Temple grounds and discovered why the seagull is the state bird. Went to the Crossroads Mall across the street and did a bit of shopping. Checked out Borders - was looking for greenmtnboy18's new book, and Shannon Hale's book The Goose Girl - listening to her talk had intrigued me enough that I wanted to read it. Elaine had gotten the last copy in the dealer's room. No luck for either book.

Went back to the hotel for quick rest and then down at 5pm for the GOH panel. Again it was one of the ask a question to a specific character, not one towards the authors. I rephrased my question from BaltiCon "What trouble was Theo in?" instead of "What brought Theo to Liad?" "a ship". This time I got "Cuz her dad had gone missing." I guess I just have to be content with I'm not going to get an answer. *sigh*. Thuy was having the same problem. Oh well. I still love the way Sharon does Aunt Kareem. I did like the answer about what happened to Aelianna's brother after he had been cast out. Aelianna said he didn't survive the night.


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