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Long & Winding Road - Part III

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Had to laugh – Irene – older lady traveling with her sister Theresa & Theresa’s two daughters from Quebec – came up to me and asked if Kev & I were on our honeymoon *grin*. We were so quiet and kept to ourselves, ya see. =)

On the road again – stopped in Adare for morning tea – saw the Trinity church and did a bit of shopping.

Limerick was next – saw the Treaty Stone (signed treaty was negated as soon as one set of participants left the room – hence “before the ink was dry” phrase). Lunch stop in Cashel – saw St. Patrick’s rock – supposedly the devil was very angry at St. Patrick’s doings that he gouged out a boulder from the near by mountain and threw it at St. Patrick. He missed and rest is history. Saw the matching gouge in the mountain in the distance. Saw the castle too, but didn’t get to stop.

Dublin – saw lots of Dublin as on the way to the hotel, driver & tour director got very lost. Lots of new development and streets were NOT where they’re supposed to be. So around and around for about an hour, we went. Sue says “if he would just stop and ask for directions!” - Robert did call and directions did not get us where we were supposed to be. *sigh*

Jury's Irish Cabaret & Dinner – Very good show – food was so-so. Comic had me laughing so hard my tummy hurt. Drinking any liquid would not have been a good thing. *grin*. Jokes about his grandma and how her socks would bag and drag to the ground – and then she discovered pantyhose. It too dragged to the ground, with the crotch hanging between her knees. She ended up using it as a wee basket of sorts…*snort*. There was step dancing and a piper, a fiddler and an Irish tenor of course. The leading lady had an awesome voice.

Sunday, May 16, 2004
City tour of Dublin given by native guide, Carol . Saw many of the things we had seen the day before (because we had been lost). Trinity College. Neat shopping areas. Hmmm… Passed Forbidden Planet – books and comics.

After the city tour, Kev & I took the optional excursion to Glendalough and the Avoca hand weavers. In Glendalough, up in the hills above Dublin, we visited the ruins of St. Kevin’s church. It was lovely and peaceful – sort of the same feeling I got when I had visited the Valley of the Fallen in Spain (Valle de Caidos). Sky was oh so blue – very white puffy clouds, lots of trees, green fields. Enjoyed looking at the tombstones, walking from the church to the bridge over the stream. I needed that bit of “quietness”

Avoca – this town is not only known for its weaving but because it was used in the BBC television series Ballykissangel. It seemed to be a very big favorite among the Aussies and they exclaimed over the church, the pub, ooooh – there’s the bridge etc. Sort of like visiting the Ponderosa Ranch, I think, only Avoca is a real town. Kev bought a lovely wool blanket. We visited the weaving building – which had a walk through display – but as it was Sunday, nobody was weaving.

Went back into Dublin for some shopping. Stopped by Forbidden Planet, but didn’t buy anything. We did follow our noses and found the Lush store. I think my sense of smell disappeared after 10 minutes. *grin* Kev had much fun and spent much money. I think he would have bought more except the thought of “how the hell would he get it in suitcase” stopped him.

Didn’t feel like going out for dinner, we both needed a time out from rest of group and from other people in general – we be introverts, ya know? With the help of the bellhop, we were able to get Chinese food delivered. Hot and Sour soup, RICE, spicy pork & veggies, garlic shrimp and veggie chow mein. Definitely not fish and chips!

Did postcards (“FINALLY !” – “shut up Fwish.”) and repacked suitcase for the gazillionth time. Next day’s schedule was tight as we were catching the ferry – 6am wake up. 7am bags out and breakfast. 8am departure.

Monday, May 17, 2004
Been on tour for almost 9 days. I was getting that “I need a time out blues. Am tired of the bus, tired of people, tired of getting up early, want to sleep in, whine whine whine” feeling. Poor Kev. At least I wasn’t pms’ing this trip…

Was brave and had white pudding for breakfast. Haven’t tried the black pudding yet. I know I don’t want to know what’s in them – I have an idea – it just tastes like sausage with some kind of grain mixed in. It is good.

Took the Ulysseus ferry from Dublin to Wales. No place to sit outside! Found some very comfy couches up in the lounge on the 10th floor and spent most of the 3 hour trip reading. Had one of the weird sandwich combinations that I’ve been seeing all over – tuna fish with sweet corn on ciobatta bread.

Stopped for tea in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch which means 'St Mary's church in the hollow of the white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the church of St Tysilio of the red cave'. Bought several t-shirts with the city name.

Chester – Walked through the black and white rows – shops built originally in medieval times. Walked by the Roman Amphitheatre (they were working on it, so we didn’t go in), and through the gardens and along the city wall. Went into Woolworths and a few other stores looking for those dratted Riccola cough drops – no luck. Did find a Starbucks and enjoyed my usual grande nonfat extra hot chai latte.

Quick city tour of Liverpool. Did not see any of the Beatles landmarks. *sniff*. Did see a yellow submarine along the way – Billboard? Structure?

Holiday Inn in Haydock, right down the road from the race course. Yet another place I’ve read about thanks to Dick Francis. It’s been interesting finding and seeing places I’ve read about. Room was clean, but small. It’s been interesting trying to figure out where to put our two bulky suitcases… floor space has been a premium.

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