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I should be sleeping

I have to be up at 5am. It's now a couple of minutes before 1am. I am soooo psyched. I wasn't feeling it until last night and so I didn't sleep much last night. It looks like tonight is going to be the same and I've got a 4 hour flight to Atlanta followed by a 10 hour flight to London. Oh boy.

Got everything accomplished on my list except finding a 2nd camera battery. Oh well, will have to recharge nightly. I *like* the LCD feature. Unfortunately it is battery intensive, though I hadn't charged the battery the first time and I was fooling around with all the buttons and stuff to figure out how it worked. At least I've gotten to the point and shoot level.

I did make it to the chapel. Flowers for Mom cuz it's Mother's Day. Flowers for Dad because it would have been his 78th birthday on Sunday.

Downstairs is having what sounds like a BBQ (I know, it's past midnight), but whatever they're cooking smells good. Music, lots of accordian, but at least the um pah part is quiet.

Okay. I'll just go lie down.

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