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hmmm. Da evil foxy has struck again. Last night, I brought Thai food over to his house for a lovely dinner with the Fopard too. Do you know what he did to me last night? He made me watch yet another really cheesy movie - the God of Cookery. Drat Fox. It had me in stitches most of the evening - not only during the movie, but we all ended up making comments and snickering all over again. It's all in chinese, but subtittled with some very *interesting* translations and spellings. Watch out for the evil Satin!!!

Foxy continued his evilness while we played our usual DDR. Now, I am getting better at this !!! game but 6 footers are extremely difficult for me and 7 footers - we just won't go there. He'd pick a song, zap my pad so that I'm no longer on BASIC level, but on TRICK and start the song. I do not think in triplets and triplets, where I'm using the same foot for two steps in a row, confuses me. The more confused I get , the more my dyslexia kicks in..."oops left, no right ack!!!" *sigh - giggle fits*

Is it the weekend yet?

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