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I'm behind on posting...

Let's see. What did I do since my last post?

Saturday was Auntie Yoshi's 88th birthday party. 23 of us celebrated at Thunder Valley Resort & Casino - love of gambling is an Ike trait. It was a very nice buffet lunch - we got our own little corner of the restaurant so we could be as loud (lots of laughter) as we wanted to be.

Gambled for 3 hours or so - put all my money through the machine and ended up with about half left. The machines do not give out money when you cash out, instead you get a bar coded slip. Very clean. Very little actual money physically cycling through. Kind of takes the some of the fun out of it - that major KLUNK KLUNK when you hit a jackpot.

I grew up calling Auntie Yoshi "Auntie June", but one day, I just asked her which name she preferred to be called by - June (non japanese name given to her when she started school) or Yoshi (her given name). She said Yoshi, so I've been calling her that ever since.

Went back to cousin Claudia's house - she lives 10 minutes away - and had sandwiches and stuff for dinner, followed by birthday cake.

Claudia's home has a cathedral ceiling which runs from the kitchen through the breakfast nook down to the family room. The nook and kitchen are 3 steps up from the family room. All very open. Would like something like that.

While the Aunties were chatting at the oval table in the breakfast nook, the rest of us were watching Kill Bill. Every once in a while the dialog would be in Japanese and usually one of the aunties would say "Nani? What?" and turn around and look. We had to keeping telling them that it was a movie and they probably would not want to keep watching. All that Monty Pythonesque blood... Strangely, I enjoyed it.

Sunday, Joey and I met at Jade Villa for dim sum. Yum. Needed to get my Asian food fix in before going to the land of fish and chips. As usual, too much food and lots of good conversation.

I still will not eat chicken feet.

Got to the Dashe Open House just when it opened. Tasted a sangiovese, many zins, a merlot, a cabernet sauvignon and a lovely late harvest zin. Bought two bottles of the late harvest and a bottle of the cab. And a new sweatshirt! I really like their logo - picture of a monkey sitting on a fish. Fish looks definitely tipsy.

Went to Dark Carnival for a book fix. Picked up a bunch of books for vacation - Trudi Canavan's 2nd book in the Magician's Guild series, Wen Spencer's Tinker to name two.

Afterwards, Joey & I ended up getting sodas at the grocery a few doors up from DC and we sat on the bench near by and book geeked for a while - definitely book geeking. I mean when you start going down the alphabet, trying to name books by author and why you like or dislike the books for a couple of hours...

Walked up to Rick & Ann's for dinner. Comfort food. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Joey had the smoked duck salad. We shared some macaroni and cheese. Dessert was chocolate bar cookies with strawberries and whipped cream and the blackberry/blueberry pie.

Monday, Foxy and I went to see Kill Bill 2. I actually liked 2 better than 1. Less fountains of blood, and a better story. Though the ICK parts were still very ICK. The eyeball... yuck.

Tuesday, Foxy made the lovely pesto risotto... YUM... Watched two episodes of season 3 Angel: Offspring & Quickening. Then I had to watch American Idol... People watch this for weeks? Oy. Played Karaoke Revolution. I'm not winning as much since I moved to the hard level. *sigh*. I know, practice, practice, practice.

Came home and watched 2 more episodes of Angel: Lullabye & Dad. Darla rocked.

Wednesday, picked up dinner at Kamakura's and spent the evening with da kiddies. Some how got suckered into reading 5 books =) I still get somewhat teary from reading I'll Love You Forever. Had fun reading If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and If You Give A Pig A Pancake - presents to the kids from greenmtnboy18. Thanks again Alex!

Just love all the stuff that needs to be done at work before going on vacation. Worked until 10pm. Got everything except the budget spreadsheet done. Go Me!

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