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The Heartless have eaten my brain..

54 hours and counting. I've been playing this drat game for the equivalent of 2 plus days. Like I had nothing else to do.

I have also learned tonight that I've been playing the game the hard way. Everytime you complete a level, you get some sort of keychain to add to your key blade(sword)which increases the power of your sword.

I've played all the way through Never Never Land with just the simple key blade and no added equipment. No wonder it's taken me forever to get through the levels. No wonder it takes forever to beat an opponent. No wonder why my fingers are all sore from mashing on the controller.

Foxy could not believe that I had played almost the entire game with the entry level sword. After he finished laughing, he was nice enough to show me how to upgrade my blade and how to also equip my characters with various other powers and abilities. Going back into the Hercules Cup for the 2nd time sure was a lot easier. It didn't take very long to go through the levels and defeating Hercules was fairly easy.

*sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

The joys of playing your first complicated video game. Roll playing game. Whatever.

(worms is not complicated, nor is DDR. I'm just not coordinated.)
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