Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Sunday at the Aquarium with da kids...

Had tried to bribe a certain Fox into going to Great America with Kyle and Alani, but he managed to not check email until late this afternoon. Oh well. It was too damn hot to do anything outside today.

Karen's plans fell through so she and I took da kiddies to The Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was a spur of the moment idea - two things to remember for next time: 1) buy tickets online - otherwise one gets stuck in long waiting line and 2) check calendar to see if there something special going on.

Today was Dia del Nino. All kids 12 and under were free. Lots of kid activities. Does that give you at least a *hint* of how packed the aquarium was????? Oy!!! Spent 20 minutes just waiting in line to get tickets!

Kyle had not been happy on the ride down - it was just "toooooooooo long!". He wanted something to drink. He was whiney. The minute we walked into the aquarium? BOOM! He was excited - didn't want to stop for drinks - LOOK at the FISH! OOOH What are these??? (jellyfish). He ran from window to window. Alani was totally enchanted with looking at the fish in the wall to ceiling "window". She was a little bit afraid at first - didn't realize that there was a window and that she wouldn't fall in and that the fish couldn't eat her. They were BIG fish. Hammerhead sharks, nursemaid sharks, blue fin & yellow fin tunas, barracudas... And there was a BIG TURTLE!!! Soon she had her face smashed up against the window pointing at this fish and that fish. Memo!!! Crush! Can you tell that she's seen the movie a few times?

Me, I kept seeing the tunas and thinking... hamachi... sashimi... YUM...

Wandered all around - ended up opting for the cafe rather than going through the cafeteria. It was very nice. Low key, quiet, watched the canoers & kayakers float by. Kyle ate almost his entire pepperoni pizza and Alani munched on her penne pasta with butter and fresh parmesan cheese. They got to color in their placemats with their soybean crayons (environment and all). The chowder there is delicious. I had a grilled ahi tuna sandwich (hmmmm... the fish was line caught, not net caught - wonder where they were fishing???) and Karen had the mahi mahi salad. Sure beat trying to find seats in the cafeteria. Did I mention that the place was packed?!!! *grin*

Bravely took the kids into the gift shop so that they could pick a prezzie. Alani got a Finding Nemo book and Kyle got a green telescope. He knew exactly what he wanted and spent the rest of the day playing Jack Sparrow...

Thank goodness the kids (and auntie karen) slept all the way home. Traffic was horrible - bumper to bumper from the highway One/156 interchange through the 156/101 interchange all the way to Gilroy. Took 2 1/2 hours to get home. Ick.

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