Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Poor feet...

I totally cleaned out Eeyore II. Had to pick up K and 3 three friends and suitcases from airport this morning. 4 very tired people who had been flying since about 11:50pm Thursday until 8am this morning. They all had hit Starbuck at LAX around 5am this morning so they had a combo caffeine jitters/no sleep reaction.

Me, I had very little sleep because I had to finish Anne Sebold's Lovely Bones. Enjoyed it, sobbed through bits, laughed through others. Good read.

K, Liz and I went to scrumptious breakfast at Ole's. Bacon! Yum. I actually drank two cups of coffee. It sure helped. I was awake all day long.

Liz & I finally decided to drive up to the Napa Outlet Stores. We got there around 11:30 or so. We shopped until 6:45pm. OY! My Feet! My Wallet! Had a blast. Bought two new pairs of walking shoes, a pair of navy blue heels, a pair of blue sandals at Easy Spirit. Bought 4 shirts and a pair of jeans at Liz Claibourne. Found a skirt at DKNY! Found wee pretty prezzie for pezazul. Bought Alani & Kyle shorts and shirts at Big Dog. Bought a new rainbow colored suitcase strap and some space saver bags at the travel shop.

Went into downtown Napa for dinner at Piccolini's. Stopped by Mervyn's and picked up two more shirts. I think I'm ready clothes-wise for the trip in two weeks.

Saw amazingly beautiful quilts on display along the plaza. I would have loved to take any one of them home. Need to take more quilting classes.

Finished the evening off with a stop at Ben & Jerry's. Got some cherry garcia yogurt. YUMMMM! Liz got the dulce de leche.

Had a wonderful day catching up with Liz and just yakking, being silly.

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