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Managed to over sleep on Monday. Scared mat_t cuz he wasn't expecting anybody to be around - I was *supposed* to be gone by 7:30... *sigh*.

Monday was a weird day at work. One of the techies was dismissed - misuse of company credit card. Police were involved - he was taken away in handcuffs. Just stupid and such a shame. Grapevine says amount involved was less than a thousand dollars and person has just messed up life, career and lost 70K+ job.

lilacfairy, tiggrmish, mat_t and I had Thai food at Amarin's for dinner. Ordered a bunch of stuff - it was Mish's first try of Thai food. Had Tom Kha Gai, Pad Thai, jasmine rice, chicken fried rice, seafood pra ram, basil chicken, garlic shrimp and garlic beef (everybody picked one main dish), egg rolls and fried fish cake (Surprise! Mat likes these -- and I am currently craving it)

Did a quick grocery run - I needed some last minute stuff for the Ice Cream Social on Tuesday.

I had told everybody we needed to be out of the house by 6:30 - and we made it out only 15 minutes late. Not bad. Dropped Mat off at Oakland, then dropped Mish off at SFO and continued on to the office. Was just half an hour late.

The Ice Cream Social raised over $400!!!! Much thanks to generous colleagues - it all goes to the American Cancer Society. At the end of the day, Kyi, one of the senior accountants, had asked me how much we had raised. I said just under $400. He asked how much under, and I said $10. He smiled and came back later with an additional donation. =) (I got a few more donations via interoffice mail later...)

Wednesday, took Joyce out for her birthday dinner. Decisions... Ack! We are not good at that. "What do you feel like eating??" "It's YOUR birthday, YOU choose" "I'm not craving anything" and on and on. We ended up at Crogan's in Montclair. Joyce had her favorite comfort food - lots of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry and lovely gravy. I had the grilled ahi tuna served with asian style salad (lots of salad! had the caesar salad too). Yakked over glass of wine - she had the merlot and I had the pinot noir. Two sips and I was glowing. Not fair!

We ended up going shopping - Mervyn's was having a sale (like when do they not?). I did buy some stuff for the trip.

Have got to do laundry - I think I'm going to just drop off all sheets and towels and bulky stuff to the wash/dry/fold place. Need to mail Mat's boots and class ring - he left the boots in the living room and I found the ring underneath the last row of seats in the van. He'd thought he'd lost the ring at one of the rest stops.

Have to pick up Karen and three friends at the airport around 8am today. Need to completely empty out the van cuz they all will have suitcases.

Meeting Liz for breakfast at Ole's (bacon goodness!) and then we're going out to play. Haven't decided on what or where. Thoughts about Napa, Calistoga, Japantown, North Beach, Benecia Glass shop, beach...

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