Debbie (debmats) wrote,

It Never Rains in Southern California or 2004 Southern Faire

Picked up tiggrmish at SFO Thursday evening. We ended up at Zachary's for dinner. Mediterranean pizza... Yum! Dropped by Lee's for a bit, and then went and picked up Mat Deer at Oakland airport around midnight.

Friday morning, I went to the chapel - left flowers for Mom - it would have been her 73rd birthday on Saturday. I miss her.

Stopped by the store to buy stuff for the trip down. Neither Safeway nor Albertson's had Tejava. Had to go to Trader Joe's. It's Foxy's fault that we were late in picking him up.

Loaded up Eeyore, and then picked up Foxy. Traffic was bad around Pacheco Pass. Ended up eating at Casa de Fruta for lunch. Picked up some Pomegrante wine for Rainy & Persephone.

Hit Culver City around 7ish. Checked into the hotel. Did a dinner run to Wendy's. Rainy & I went and picked up sillermoon at giaxcomo's (James & Rowan had picked up Melissa at the airport). Rowan made us play doh dinner and then we headed back to Rainy's.

And then there was Faire...

Seems it never rains in southern California
Seems I've often heard that kind of talk before
It never rains in California, but girl don't they warn ya
It pours, man it pours

Oh the rain...

They were not kidding. Faire was just a wee bit *wet*. I did have fun. There were eleven of us: ame_chan, Sorcha, Emily, shaktiqueen, calialleykat, her son Zachary, tiggrmish, mat_t, sillermoon, herefox and me. We ended up losing each other right after getting breakfast - it was all those "oooh shiny things". We all had a tendency to be easily distracted.

Speaking of shiny things, Glass Pusher was once again evil. Picked up two pieces: sunset on shore glass and black & white moon. I was not as bad as Mat though. Mat was very baaad. He spent at least double what I did, so I'm feeling very angelic. Foxy, Mat & I were our usual helpful selves and we managed to talk Siller into new garb *Lol*

Would have liked to have picked up something at Nancy Chien-Eriksen's booth, but they never opened. Everything was under tarp. Rain + prints do not mix *sigh* Foxy did manage to pick up a print - he may have been her only sale of the day =(

Emily & Sorcha both got new bodices. Made them both very happy campers!

We stayed at Faire until 2:30 or so. By then, we were all soaked and chilled - as was everybody else except for the half naked guys running around looking for somebody to wash their backs. "Why waste the rain?" Wonder if they had gotten the soap from one of the booths or was it plain old ivory soap? Well, they were definitely clean. Faire was closing down, and we could have gotten rain checks if we wanted to wait (they were out and needed to print up more). Bagged it and headed off to the warmth of the car.

HOT shower sure felt wonderful.

Definitely a packed house for dinner. The eleven people who went to faire plus i_am_lono, Badger!, Ben and satyrix. Lots of yummy pasta, a couple of bottles of kangaroo cab and sattui's muscat. Played Karaoke Revolution - Emily & Sorcha really enjoyed it. Ended up giving them their own copy as they didn't poing over anything at faire. (at least they didn't poing where I could see them). Lots of yakking - very, very enjoyable. I WANT some of those garlic rolls!!!

Siller ended up staying at the hotel with us so that I could take her to the airport at oh so dark A.M. . Lots of chatting after the lights were out - typical bower slumber party. *LOL*. No traffic, so we made it to the airport by a little after 6am. Dropped her off and then I went back to the hotel to sleep for a couple of hours. Foxy actually was awake and in the shower by the time I got back.

Checked out of the hotel and went back to Rainy's. Packed up the car and then we went to Cafe Laurent's for a brunch. Brunch roll call - me, Foxy, Mat, Mish, Rainy, Jeff, Emily, Sorcha, Ben, Persephone, James, Rowan, Badger and Sarah. T'was lovely to finally meet Sarah after hearing about her after all this time. Lots of lovely chatting.

All I can say, is the apple sausage fritatta wrapped in a freshly baked croissant plus a tasty sauce, salad and scrumptious scalloped potatoes was delicious! Coffee was good too... Emily managed to talk nice waiter into becoming one of her minions. =)

On the road by noon. Stopped at bottom of Grapevine for Starbucks. Decided to splurge and get a grande nonfat toffee nut latte. Unforunately, the lid was not completely on, so when I picked it up to put on the hot sleeve, it went all over the place. All over the counter. All over me. I was NOT a happy camper. Barista ignored me, but mananger came over with free drink coupon and new drink, so I was mollified. (is that the right word?) Smelled like toffee nut all the way home.

Stopped by Casa de Fruta again. Foxy picked up 7 bottles of wine - they had blackberry wine, ya see. I picked up a bottle of gewurtrazminer ($3.99) and two bottles of black muscat blush (2 for the price of 1 sale). Also a jar of olive tapenade.

Had dinner at Vaso's. I am sooo in a rut. Favorite waiter says "ah we have seafood risotto" to me. Everybody else had the mint chicken special. The flan was much firmer than usual, so I tried a bite. It was good!



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