Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Happy Easter! Happy Hanamatsuri!

Had a very tentative thought about going to church today - Hanamatsuri - celebration of Siddhartha's birth. It's one of the prettiest services - the hanamido or flower shrine with the Buddha statue to pour sweet tea over is always beautiful. Service was at 10:30 though which would have conflicted with family plans. Actually thought Hanamatsuri was last weekend.

Up at 7am to pop spiral cut ham into the oven. Then peeled and sliced up 5 pounds of potatoes for the scalloped potatoes. This is such a simple, but yummy recipe, I don't know why I don't make it more often. White sauce, extra sharp cheddar, potatoes and some spices. Bake one hour. Yum.

Made it to K's by 9:45am. Original plan was to meet at K's by 10am, though G said she'd be there by 9:30. I wanted to get there before G did so that K & I could get the Easter Bunny baskets ready. Gotta love it that the kids still believe in Santa & the Easter Bunny (Easter Beagle too - we're definitely at Peanuts household). Had plenty of time as G didn't make it there until 10:30am.

Brunch! Ham, scalloped potatoes, steamed asparagus, rice, strawberries and banana bread. Yum!

Off to the A's game. They lost =( We did get there early enough to all get the A's umbrella giveaway. I now own 3-4 A's umbrellas - this one is cool because it's the foldable kind.

Considering what Kyle & Alani ate at brunch, you'd think we'd been starving them. We get to the game and they both wanted pizza. Kyle ate half a personal pepperoni pizza, Alani ate a quarter (about her usual) and K ate the rest. Next thing you know, Kyle is on the look out for the cotton candy vendor. Auntie Debbie got the kids some only with the understanding that she'd go run the kids around the coliseum. By the time the CCman showed up, Alani had zonked out for a snap. Kyle ate his portion (had to save some for Alani) and he did share some with Auntie Karen. He was soooooooo jazzed up. Uh oh. K & I took him around the coliseum and then to the Stomper fun zone. He did the speed pitch, the tee ball, the bouncy tent (twice) and then managed to get Stomper to autograph his baseball cap.

We left after the 7th and the A's were winning...

K & I and the kids sat in the living room and watched Fox & the Hound. I kept waking myself up by my snoring. *g* Allergies and clogged up sinuses are the pits. K was nodding off too. G on the other hand was out in the backyard pulling weeds.

Had a quick dinner of brunch stuff. Time to zonk

Alani really liked her My Little Pony. Kyle liked his nerf bow & arrows. He's pretty accurate at it - all that watching Legolas...

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