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Busy, busy bee...

Considering my name means "bee", I guess the subject line is appropriate *grin*

Headed over to Karen's around 11:30 this morning. A's game! Today's give away was the 2004-2005 A's calendar (April to April). Kyle & Alani will probably end up with mine. T'was very sunny, very bright. Official temp was 63F, but it felt much warmer than that.

Poor elderly tiny asian lady several rows down apparently came down with sunstroke - to point of fainting. Oy. I guess there were several cases as EMT's were really busy. Thankfully a lady in the next section came over to help - she's a nurse. People were trying to help - passing bottles of water, trying to calm daughter or sister? It looked like it was a family outing - older gentleman & mid twenties son? The guys were off getting food when this all came about. Since EMT's hadn't made it down there in over 10 minutes, nurse lady had some guys carry the lady up to the first aid station (thankfully at the top of the stairs and over one section) Hopefully everything worked out. (nurse lady did come back pretty quickly and was smiling)

A's won 2-1! Tim Hudson pitched a complete game!

K & I hit Kaybee's for Easter prezzies for da kiddies. Kyle is into Power Rangers and really wanted the "RED" one. Alani is into horses. She's getting a My Little Pony (purple with pink and purple mane).

Hit Walden's too - picked up Rick Steeves' travel guides to Great Britain & Ireland. Also the newest Ridley Pearson book for Gayle's Easter prezzie and where the heck did I put the Kyle Mills book that I bought for Karen a couple of weeks ago???

We went to India Palace for dinner - naan, veggie pakoras & samosas, lamb palak, bhindi masala, and chicken biryani. Yum! Talked a bit about Cooperstown trip in September. Still haven't figured out the logistics.

Both of us felt like shopping, so we headed out to Circuit City to check out the digital cameras. I really liked the feel of the Kodak Easyshare DX6490 4 megapixel camera. It's the docking station I'm not crazy about. Something to think about. I wanted to try several others (Sony, other kodak), but they weren't powered up (batteries dead, and store alarm mechanism was blocking battery door). It's a wee bit annoying.

Okay, time to fill easter baskets...


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Apr. 11th, 2004 12:52 am (UTC)
Just remember that blue fixes everything.
Apr. 11th, 2004 07:47 am (UTC)
Hey Tabitha! Happy Easter. Geoff and I went to India Palace the other night for dinner too. I've never been there before so I was scared...Since you know I'm not very adventurous with food. Anyway, surprisingly I LOVED the food. The garlic naan was especially nummy. Just thought I'd share <3 *Laura*
Apr. 11th, 2004 08:39 am (UTC)
Happy Easter Wee Willie!

Glad you got adventurous!!! If you want something tasty to munch on, try the kabuli naan next time. (more snack/dessert munchie - it's naan with fruit mixed in)

Apr. 11th, 2004 11:25 am (UTC)
I got the Lonley Planet guides for Britain and Ireland the other day. I haven't had a chance to look at them though.

Happy Easter!
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