Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Catch Up

Wednesday night, lilacfairy & I hit Dark Carnival and then had a "guilty pleasure" dinner at Barney's over on College Ave. Cheeseburger with da works. Yum!

Thursday night, had a lovely soak at Watercourse Way. Had one of those tension headaches and sore back and shoulder muscles all in knots. Time in the hot tub, steam room and cold plunge made everything better.

Had fun last Friday night - celebrated nikari's 21st birthday at Fiesta Del Mar. Celebrated Charlie's birthday too. We (herefox, rikoshi, Charlie & Nikari and I) started out the evening with a pitcher of margaritas. Yum. Rikki-chan and I also ordered glasses of sangria. Was a wonderful treat after a lousy work week. After dinner, we headed back to their apt and played Karaoke Revolution. I won - Go Me! (of course, I played on the easy level...)

Saturday, went to the preseason game played at the coliseum - A's vs Giants. A's won! YAY!!! 11-10. First 8 innings played in under 2 hours. Last 2 innings played in over 90 minutes. Got lots of sun!

Stopped by Walden Books on the way home and picked up the newest books by Iris Johansen, Suzanne Brockman & Tanya Huff. MINE!

Sunday, the kids and I went to SFO to pick up Auntie Karen! After waiting almost 40 minutes for K to get through customs, K got much hugs and snuggles from excited Kyle & Alani. Had to nudge Kyle - "There's Auntie Karen!" - he'd been napping against my feet. There were too many people around so Alani was up in my arms almost the entire time. No wonder my arms were sore again on Monday.

Monday night, K & I went to the A's season opener. T'was cold. Fog rolled in. More cold. Two jets flew overhead during the national anthem - but not low like last year. A's beat the Rangers! YAY!!! It was sort of strange, no Tejada as shortstop. No Hernandez behind the plate. I am missing Hernandez's pregrame stretching.

Tonight, andreal and I went to dinner at Cazuela's at Santana Row. "Mexican Bistro" - tapas style food. Had some lovely guacamole (prepared fresh at the tableside) served with some just made corn tortillas. I had a cesar salad, and Noah got the mixed green salad with candied walnuts & apples. The mojito was yummy. (needed it after having to deal with budget system issues all day) Also had the Mexican rice, chicken mole, grilled cactus leaves (good!) and the super tender "chamorro de cordero envuelto en boja de platano, al vapor con vino moscatel" - lamb marinated in muscat wine & spices, steamed in banana leaves.

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