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Oh, so fried...

... in more ways than one. *grin*

So I had the kids again today. Had to figure out a really good thing to do today as Mommy had gotten her dates wrong. She'd told them that Auntie Karen was coming home and that we'd all go to the airport to welcome her back.

It's next Sunday. Kids were very disappointed.

That was Wednesday. So I decided to take the kids to Great America. Alani loves the carousel. Kyle, he's already an adrenaline junkie at age 4.

Kids had a blast. I only had to ride the carousel 5 times. (3 time on the double merry-go-round. Twice on the kids one) Rode the "up down" (aka Sky Tower) as Wesley used to call it. Kyle loved the Mad Taxi kids' roller coaster. He would have ridden it many times if we had somebody to ride it with him. He's too short to ride it by himself. Oh Foxy...

Both kids loved the rides in the Kidzville area. They even have a mini-drop zone ride. Kyle rode it 3-4 times in a row. Alani loved the snail buggy ride.

Had a quick lunch in the Nickelodeum cafe. They enjoyed watching Spongebob cartoons. Hit the games next. They run all kinds of specials during the opening weekends - 20 balls in the muffin tin game for $10. Kyle managed to win a medium spongebob starfish creature and a medium pineapple creature (house?). Love the "kid friendly" game which kids toss big rubber balls and they win a prize no matter what. (plush flower creatures - they're cute). Kyle and Alani won a medium "nemo" plushie and traded up for 2nd one, so they both had one. Kids were able to do the shoot the water into the clown's mouth and pop balloon race with just the two of them. They both came home with very plushie bears. (that say Bonfante Gardens for some reason *g*) Alani was dragging that bear around with her (and he was almost as big as she)

Rode White Water Falls. Twice. Alani was okay so long as she could hide her face. (did not like getting her face wet the first time - oh not at all - though she didn't cry) Kyle, of course, loved it.

Bought the kids blue cotton candy to eat on the way home. Blue hands, blue faces, blue smears all over my car. Oh well. They both slept on the way home.

Auntie is tired. Even with spf 30, I am fried - more the left side than the right side for some reason. Aloe vera time.

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