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Where's my hobbit hole?

Okay, today has been one of those days in which crawling back into bed and pulling the covers over my head seems like the best thing to do.

Moon days, so hormones are wacked.

The one nice thing today is that one of the ladies had a reverse birthday lunch. She took 7 of us out for dim sum, her treat! Really sweet of her. She made me chief food chooser because she didn't know what to get - especially as three people had never had dim sum - and she didn't want to scare them away. Well, nobody starved *grin*

Got back to my desk, and within 15 minutes was hit with a major payroll issue. Spent about the last 6 hours cleaning it up and fixing the programs. Need to calm down a bit and figure out how to let certain person know that they missed some calculation stuff. *sigh*

Considering I got to work at 7:30 this morning, it's been a long day. Time to go home.

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