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Yay! Tired out the kids! Go Me!!!

Had the kids again today. Get them next Sunday and the Sunday after. Oy.

Gave the kids a choice (again, this is more a Kyle decision than an Alani decision). Monterey Bay Aquarium or Pier 39 again, except ride the ferry to and from.

Kyle, the arcade junkie, chose Pier 39. He's actually ridden the ferry before - it's the easiest way to get to baseball games (A's vs Giants) held at PacBell Park (oops, excuse me, SBC Park). Alani was happy because she'd get to ride the carousel again.

Get to G's around 8:30am. End up watching Disney's Atlantis (Hey, not bad!). Then we caught the ferry from Alameda to Pier 41. We rode on top and kids loved it! Kyle was convinced that Bruce the shark was somewhere in the boat's wake. Pretty psyched, he was!. They enjoyed waving at all the boats that we passed - sailboats, motor boats, a couple of tug boats, a canoe, a kayak, a tanker and a Celebrity Cruise liner.

Took the kids to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. Alani was a wee bit intimidated at first, (maybe remembering the tree that scared her), but was soon enjoying the elephants across the room and the leopards overhead. After finishing their dinosaur chicken nuggets, we split the volcano. (huge dessert of chocolate brownies, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and whipped cream topped with a sparkler thingy). They had had one before and wanted it. (ah the joys of having a picture of one displayed on the table). Left most of it, but it meant that I didn't need to feed the kids anything else the rest of the afternoon.

Saw the sea lions and seals. Rode the carousel twice. The Jurassic Park game was broken, but Kyle did play the Star Wars game. Still made me car sick.

Rode the ferry home. As we were going up the ramp from the ferry to the parking lot, Kyle and Alani were laughing and very energetic. Two ladies laughed as they passed and one said "Still full of energy, aren't they?". Same two ladies had been on the morning ferry and had laughed then when Kyle was just soooo excited about taking the ferry and talking a mile a minute/asking a gazillion questions.

Put the kids in their car seats - Alani was out before we had gone two blocks. Took Kyle maybe 10-15 minutes and then he was out.

I'm pretty sure I've taken this quiz before. I think the last time I got Morpheus - this time it's Hecate.


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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